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I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Pain

And there's more exciting lost-in-New-York action with our original Fringers, who pass by a toy store window with Cabbage Patch dolls, which Sally declares to be her favorite and asks if she can get one. "I don't think so, baby. We got to go," says Nick, and Sally weakly says that she likes it here, so she's going to stay. Yeah, we don't really think getting you a return ticket is going to be necessary, Sally.

Elsewhere, Peter looks at the documents Walternate left for him, which seem to be more in-depth illustrations f the doomsday device like the one the Observer left for Olivia, although I'm guessing that these documents don't feature a picture of Peter with exploding eyes.

And now the Fringers have finally made it to the Grayshot Bridge, but there's no sign of William Bell. Nick takes Sally to a nearby fountain, because he thinks that might help (provided she doesn't boil all the water out of it). Olivia thinks maybe Bell didn't get the message, but it turns out that someone got the message, because the sound of sirens precedes the arrival of cop cars and the Fringe Division. Olivia and Walter duck off down a side path -- "Bell has betrayed us!" yells Walter -- but Nick and Sally are trapped in the middle of the bridge. Lee's the first to arrive and he orders them to not move, but Sally, collapsed on the ground, raises her hand and a fireball starts to form. Lee shoots, but Nick has jumped in front of her and takes the bullet. Mystifyingly, the show did not run this in slow motion with Nick yelling, "Noooo!"

Meanwhile, Walter and Olivia are being fired upon and get separated, with Olivia managing to drop a Fringe soldier. Back on the bridge, Lee cautiously approaches Sally and Nick, whom he recognizes (presumably he knows the Alt-Nick Lane, who maybe has Icewoman for a girlfriend). Sally doesn't looks so good -- her eyes seem full of blood -- but Nick's the one with the bullet hole in his chest, and he says he thinks he's staying here. "You stay. We'll stay together," she says. Lee approaches, saying he doesn't want to hurt them. Sounds like he means it, too, but a furious Sally gives him a "Screw you!" and goes supernova, setting Lee alight and appearing to instantly turn herself and Nick into charcoal.

And there's Alt-Olivia, who sees Walter running through the woods. "Hey!" she says, lifting her gun, and then she just FIRES. Holy shit! Little trigger-happy? Does she always indiscriminately fire on people who are for all she knows merely running away from the scene of a GUN BATTLE IN CENTRAL PARK? It's not like she got a good look at Walter, because she would have thought he was the Secretary of Defense (albeit looking a little more disheveled). She doesn't appear to have hit him (at least not right now), probably because her bangs cover her eyes so she can't aim very well, and then her radio says that there's a man down and they need a med team to Grayshot Bridge. So she goes back to the bridge, where Lee is still alive, despite appearing to have suffered ninth-degree burns over 150 percent of his body. He looks like a barbecued chicken. "Where's the ambulance?" she asks the medic. "Where's the barf bucket?" says I.

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