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I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Pain

Broyles and Nina exchange glances. "Actually, she's not," says Broyles.

Over to the Massive Dynamic Experimental Campus, now, where Broyles tells Olivia that there are still over a dozen Cortexiphan subjects unaccounted for. "Prudence dictated we determine what we might be dealing with in the future." "So you woke all three of them up?" says Olivia, and they look into a room that has a foosball table and three people in matching sweatsuits seated at three different tables being studied by three scientists or researchers or whatever the hell. One of the sweat-suited ones appears to be levitating a ball of fire between her hands. Must be Sally. "Actually, five. We've tracked down some others," says Broyles.

As they look, Broyles fills us in on a few old friends: "About six weeks ago, Massive Dynamic proposed a series of experiments to help them gain control of and repurpose their abilities. These three have been quite successful. James Heath can now cure disease, not cause it (great news for that bunny he's stroking). Sally Clark is becoming a fully functional pyrokinetic. And your friend Nick Lane's empathic transfers can now be controlled." So they go in, with Olivia not bothering to say that she doesn't like like Nick Lane.

Nick Lane perks up when he sees her. "Olive!" he says, smiling. And then everyone in the room turns and starts laughing. And you think you've missed a joke, until you see, behind Olivia, Broyles giggling like a fool. And it's weird. Like walk-in-on-your-parents-having-sex weird, but perhaps more traumatizing. [Is he that giddy about seeing Olivia? - Z] Sally gives him a pointed "Nick." And he gets serious, and then so does everyone else. "Welcome to the monkey house," Nick tells her.

And then Olivia and the rest of the X-Men are getting off the elevator into a room that looks like a new headquarters. "Who authorized it?" asks Olivia. Broyles tells her, "Senate Intelligence, thanks to Peter. It was part of a list of demands he gave me right before I went to secure our funding. "This is very Mission: Impossible," says James Health, appreciatively, before he sees Walter, who was already there. "I know you. You're the man that experimented on us," he says. Walter nods, and Heath says he could kill Walter where he stands. "Each of you could," says Walter sadly, before talking about how what he did was inexcusable and barbaric. I'm trying to pay attention, but I'm noticing that Sally Clark is quite a... well, I suppose "hottie" is the best possible word. Anyway, Walter says that they had noble goals: "We believed that our world needed guardians, protectors, that you children would be those protectors." Blah blah blah, one day the two universes would be in jeopardy, today is that day for which you were created, blah blah blah. "What I could never have imagined is that I would be asking you to help me save my son," he says, and then he apologizes, and then says seeing as how it looks like none of them is gonna kill him, he's going to go and have a bit of a cry.

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