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Knock Yourself Out
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We're high above alt-Manhattan, and Peter looks out the windshield of what seems to be a helicopter on autopilot. Interestingly, the glass is highlighting features in the landscape and providing encyclopedic information in the heads-up display -- on, for example, the Grand Hotel that never got built in our universe but was built in 1908 over here. Over to your right you can see the "Long Island Triangle," also known as "Fringe event 2461," which apparently is a "semi-permanent thin spot" caused in 1990, featuring temporal and spatial distortions. And it's off-limits! Also off-limits is "midtown quarantine, Fringe event 89722." Peter looks over at a huge, translucent amber blob encapsulating Madison Square Garden. An unstable wormhole wouldn't close, and so MSG had to be quarantined in 1999. The pleasant computer lady voice says that due to recent legal developments, the 10,000 people encased in "quarantine amber" had to be declared legally dead. Were they there for a Knicks game? They're better off. Any one of them would have preferred to have been quarantined before John Starks went two-for-eighteen in Game 7 of the '94 NBA Finals when the Knickerbockers lost to the Rockets.

The helicopter heads out to Liberty Island, with its bronze Statue of Liberty, which we discover was appropriated by the revised "Eminent Domain" provision of the Earth Protection Act in 1989, now the headquarters of the Department of Defense (which we knew already). Peter looks over the landscape and frowns.

We're in Walternate's office now, and his desk has a framed photo in which he's been Forrest Gumped into a picture with Barack Obama, and another photo of an older, white-haired JFK (or perhaps in this universe, Teddy gave up drinking early on and lost some weight).

Walternate appears to be just sitting at his desk staring into space, when an officer in camouflage fatigues is suddenly in his office. "You said 'anything odd,' sir," she says, and he tells her to go on. She says there was a high-priority individual admitted into the ER at New York General Hospital. "Who?" asks Walternate, and let's-call-her-sergeant Warner says, "That's the odd part, sir. It's you." Looks like he's all better!

Frank and Olivialt are asleep in bed, when the bedside videoclockphone or whatever the hell goes off, displaying an incoming call from Philip Broyles (and playing "Science Fiction Double Feature," hee). "It's Sunday. Day off," complains Olivialt as she reaches over Frank to accept the call. "'Fraid not," says Col. Broyles, adding that he's uploading her assignment now.

And then Broyles is checking in with Walternate, letting him know that the Fringe team is on its way, and they'll get them "quickly and quietly."

Peter strolls in and says, "Mr. Secretary." Walternate leans back in his chair, smiles and says hello. "I've imagined this moment so many times," he says, adding that he can't imagine how strange this must be for Peter. "I've seen strange. But this... this is something else," says Peter.

Elsewhere, Bell and Olivia are jumping the line at a busy hospital that Bell says is the last one before the park, so if Walter's not there, they'll head uptown. Olivia wants to know how Bell knows Walter isn't already in custody, and Bell says he checked with his sources at Homeland Security. "I don't believe Walternate's people have found him yet," he says, and Olivia's all "'Walternate'?" and Bell explains the nickname Walter gave to his alternate-universe counterpart, and also that Walternate is the Secretary of Defense, and Fringe answers to him. Olivia can't believe this, probably because she's envisioning entire assignments devoted to hunting down soda pop and Frankenberry. "I know, it takes a little getting used to, doesn't it?" says Bell.

Anyway, the triage nurse is asking the dude currently at the front of the line "how big were the bees?" when Bell steps in, and the nurse curtly says that if he "ain't bleeding, back of the line," and seriously, I'd kind of like to hear a little more from bee-sting man. So Bell pulls out a little ID card that changes the nurse's tune, and she apologizes.

And while Bell tries to find out if Walter's there, Olivia notices Olivialt and Undead Charlie stroll in. She nudges Bell, who tells her to go find Walter while he stalls them, and he'll meet them in the parking lot after.

So while nobody at the hospital sees fit to stop some civilian just wandering through the hallways pulling open curtains looking for people, Charlie and Olivialt are downstairs getting the info they need from the nurse, with Charlie telling her that the patient's medical records also need to be purged from the system, by the order of Fringe division. She deletes the file for W. Bishop and tells the agents he's in Bed 18, and Charlie and Olivialt seem to already know where Bed 18 is because they just start walking without getting any kind of directions.

But that's when Bell steps in, blocking their path, wondering if he knows them from somewhere, and then "remembers" that they're Fringe agents, who work for the Secretary, who's a friend of his. "I'm William Bell," he says, proudly displaying this card that appears to have no end of applications. "I see you're carrying the 76 pulse sidearms. I designed those, you know," he tells them, and then proceeds to go all rambly Grampa Simpson on them, despite their best efforts to break away. He says the 76s don't have the "phase repeaters," which was a design flaw. Well, it was the style at the time!

Meanwhile, Olivia's found Walter, who's happy to see her, at least until he realizes he's not sure if it actually is her. "Prove it," he says, glaring, and she irritatedly throws his clothes at him and tells him they don't have time for this. "It is you. That's wonderful. Hi!" says Walter, beaming. Heh! Olivia might want to consider that Walter's only convinced it's her when she's being an officious bitch to him.

Downstairs, Charlie and Olivialt successfully break away after Bell promises to add the "pulse function" to the 77s, and then Walter is rhapsodizing about the quality of drugs here. To answer Olivia's question, yes, he can walk. He can dance if she likes! That's how good he feels! He shows her his side, where once was a bullet wound but now is just a little scar due to this universe's miraculous accelerated healing techniques. "Come on, Walter, Bell's waiting for us," says Olivia, running out of patience. "Nice of him to finally show up," grumbles Walter, and they're on their merry way.

Moments later, Charlie and Olivialt show up, finding only a bloodstained bedsheet and an empty clothes bag. Charlie goes off to get the hospital locked down, and of course the agents who showed ID are the ones a nearby nurse decides to question, asking if they're looking for something. Olivia says she'll need all the security footage for the unit. The nurse just stares at her, because hey! Didn't the nurse just see this chick?

Walter and Olivia hustle out into the parking lot, where Bell pulls up. The two men seem initially pleased to see each other, but it lasts, oh, two seconds, before Walter growls, "I see you've aged," and Bell responds with, "It appears I'm not the only one!" and Olivia interrupts Grumpy Old Men 3: The Grumpening, and orders Walter into the SUV.

Back in the hospital, Olivialt is already looking at the security video, and finds the part where Olivia hustles Walter from his bed and down the hall. She stares at the screen in disbelief, backs up the video and zooms in, looking at herself helping Walter from his bed.

Charlie strolls in and asks if she's OK. "You look like you just saw a ghost," he says, which is a cliché line that really needs to be retired from movies and television. You can always predict when a character's going to say it. They should get rid of it, and bring back, "That's so crazy it just might work!" Frankly, I have high hopes for the upcoming A-Team movie.

Anyway, the opening credits are the red ones again this week, and then spe

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