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Knock Yourself Out
way we weren't going to have some Olivia-on-Bolivia hand-to-hand combat, and here it is! With all the grunting and kneeing and tackling and punching that a good Olivia fight usually entails. I love this show's fight scenes. There should be more of this in, say, The Bachelor. And now Olivia's on her back and Bolivia's on top and punching the crap out of her! Holy shit! And now Bolivia's got Olivia in a chokehold, and Olivia desperately reaches out and manages to snag what looks like the base of a lamp that got smashed and clocks Bolivia in the face with it, knocking her out. Olivia stares at her unconscious counterpart on the floor. This is the stuff existential nightmares are made out of.

And after a few minutes with some hair dye in the bathroom, Olivia is now Bolivia! She stares in the mirror, still looking pretty freaked out about the whole thing. Then she finds one of those fancy little interactive sit-rep card things that she uses rather easily to see Peter Bishop's location, and she heads out the door, with a last glance back at Bolivia, tied up sitting on an easy chair. She fails to notice CHARLIE standing right there, and he's all "What's up?" as she quickly shuts the door. "I tried your cuff a couple of times, everything OK?" She stares at him. Hey, Olivia, are you all right? YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'VE SEEN A GHOST.

Charlie tells her that there was a power surge at the Secretary's old lab, so Broyles wants them to go and check it out. He has to ask again if Olivia's OK, because THAT'S HOW WEIRD SHE'S ACTING, and then Olivia says that the Secretary just called, and he wants them to move Peter Bishop: "Apparently, he's not safe where he is." Olivia might as well be holding up a sign that says, "I am lying," but Charlie's apparently too stunned by the news that "they found Peter Bishop" to detect anything amiss.

So Peter is looking at the power source that Walternate gave him, and talking to himself -- or more likely to a recording device -- about how the device is unresponsive but there's nothing obviously wrong with it. And then he gloms onto the idea that maybe it's symbiotic in nature: "Which is to say that it wasn't entirely mechanical, that it needs some sort of ... some sort of organic interface?" And as he passes his hands over a couple of the parts, they vibrate and stick to his hand, magnetically.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Olivia are driving across town, and Olivia's doing her best to not say any more than she needs to, so she doesn't give herself away, even though Charlie's asking her what she knows about Peter Bishop being found. "Can you imagine when the tabloids get hold of this?" he says, and then Olivia throws out a little fishing line of her own, saying, "I think it has something to do with why these people have come from the other side." And then Charlie rambles off on how the job isn't what it was ten years ago, what with its alternate universes and such, neatly mirroring a similar speech he gave to Olivia in the pilot (although that one had a little bit more to do with corporations having more clearance than investigators), giving her a little bit of déjà vu.

Peter's really warming up to his task, going on about how the parameters of the device are human, a reflection of the human genome. He says a bunch of stuff about spectrums and specificities and responses to subsets and it all boils down to figuring out that he's the missing piece of the device. Having successfully connected some of the pieces, it lights up and lightly clamps to his wrist.

That's when Charlie and Olivia show up, and Peter detaches himself from the device to answer the door. Charlie seems kind of jazzed to meet Peter, actually. Peter invites them in, and Olivia starts trying to signal him as to who she really is. She gives him the sheet of paper that shows his eyeballs exploding, explaining, "This was given to me by an acquaintance of your father. An Observer." Peter's all, whuh? Olivia continues: "He gave it to me, I think, to warn me about what would happen to you if you ever returned here. And now CHARLIE is all, whuh? And Olivia hastily says, "He wants you to know that your friends are here and that they have come to keep you safe," not long before grabbing -- oh, let's say it's another lamp, and bashing Charlie with it, knocking him out. "Peter, it's me," she says. "Thanks, I just figured that out," he says. Awesomely, he's in some kind of casual kung-fu stance. Lucky for Charlie that Peter never had to bust out some moves.

After the dust settles, Peter tells Olivia that his dad (his real dad, Walternate, not Walter) lied to him, saying Peter could heal the problems of this world, which started when Walter came over and stole him. "But his bringing me back was never about fixing this universe. It was about destroying yours," he says. Olivia says she's sorry, and something about the way she says it tells Peter she knew. He asks her how long, and she says a few weeks. She starts to explain but Peter cuts her off and says he's not going to let Walternate do this. "I don't think that he can. I mean, not without you," she says, and then after a moment she adds, "Peter ... you don't belong here." He agrees, but says he doesn't belong in the other universe either.

Olivia begs to differ; not for any of the reasons she considered arguing -- to fight the shapeshifters, to take care of Walter, to save the world -- but because she's got needs, y'all! She needs to get her Peter on! "You have to come back. Because you belong with me," she says, and now they get to the making out that they postponed when Olivia realized she could see the alternate-universe shimmer. And it's kind of sweet except for the fact that Peter only puts ONE arm around her, and even that takes him a few minutes to do.

And there's Walternate and Bolivia busting into Fringe HQ to start ordering everyone around, telling everyone that he wants all surveillance retasked to find a fugitive. "What fugitive, sir?" asks Broyles, who is too smart to point out that they could already be working on that if Walternate had just PHONED instead of taking the team to burst in all dramatically. Anyway, the fugitive? "Me," says Bolivia. So you didn't call Broyles IMMEDIATELY after you freed yourself? And she scans her handprint, and apparently everyone at Fringe just immediately knows what these two are babbling about, and Robo-Astrid has picked up Bolivia's "Show Me" passing an auto-scan checkpoint, and Walternate immediately decides they're heading back to the opera house, and Col. Broyles orders everyone to get moving.

Over at the opera house, Walter is frantically looking down the street for Peter and Olivia, leaving Bell to just stand on the sidewalk as inconspicuously as one can when one is standing there with a particle accelerator. "They should be here by now," says Walter anxiously, and Bell says they'll be here, but more important, HELP ME MOVE THE DAMN PARTICLE ACCELERATOR INSIDE.

And then Olivia and Peter come tearing around the corner in an SUV, and then get out and jog towards the grumpy old men. Peter's still got a glare on for his father, who nonetheless still looks surprised and happy to see him. Bell introduces himself and says, "Haven't seen you in many years. You're holding up better than I would have thought." Peter says, "What's a little universe-hopping between friends?" only Bell says that's not what he meant. Is there something else wrong with Peter? Is he talking about the emotional strain of finding out the truth about Walter?

Not much time to ponder that, as we can hear sirens in the distance. Bell tells Peter to help his dad bring the particle accelerator inside while he and Olivia holds off Fringe. When the agents pull up, Bell gets a gun out of his car, explaining to Olivia that he supplied Fringe division with the 76 model. Then he calmly fires at a vehicle, which explodes, sending everyone running for cover. "This is the 77," he says to Olivia, who is standing there all slack-jawed.

Inside, the Bishops work to get the particle accelerator set up. Walter tries to

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