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Boyfriend In A Coma, Oh No
omething we can't afford to be connected with. [Pause.] I'll make this simple: you're not selling to anyone else. You do that, we will come after you. I will come after you."

Olivia looks distraught. She recognizes the voice, and it's not hard to figure it out, even with the poor sound quality of the tape.

"You're threatening me? After seeing what I'm willing to do to my own brother?"

"Well, let me assure you we'd be happy to treat you as family too." And we flash back to when Olivia heard that the first time: when John said it when he got out of his SUV at the airport. Olivia scrabbles for her keys and starts the car.

Back at the hospital, John struggles to sit up in his hospital bed, and yanks his IV line. And, after dressing in the change of clothes Olivia brought earlier, shows his FBI badge to the guard outside Steig's room and then smothers Steig, who had been sleeping, with a pillow.

In the car, Olivia tells Charlie she needs two agents posted outside John's room, and someone to check on Steig. "I'm on it," says Charlie, who doesn't even ask what's going on. But he finds Steig murdered and yells, "We need this place locked down!"

But it's too late to catch John, who's pulling out of the parking lot just as Olivia gets in her car and runs up to the hospital doors. She radios for assistance and heads back to her car and chases him. Time to get their swerve on! There is much brake-squealing and U-turning and fender-bending among the poor unsuspecting Bostonians. Olivia manages to pull alongside John, and then he tries to knock her off the road. He's not that into you, Olivia. Eventually, John's the one whose vehicle goes airborne, and when he crawls out of the wreckage, he's covered in blood and gasping for air. He's dying. Olivia cradles him, and he croaks out, "Ask yourself, why ... why Broyles sent you to ... storage facility ... why you..." Olivia half-crying, asks him who he's working for. He doesn't answer. He won't answer any more questions. He's dead. Uh, Olivia, you've got six hours to get Walter over here to ask John some questions, right?

Well, six hours is about how long it seems her montage o' grief lasts, as she sits in the back of an ambulance and cries. Later, Charlie drives her somewhere, and says he's sorry. "The job isn't what it was ten years ago. We're supposed to protect a world where one breath of the wrong air can incinerate you from the inside out," he says. And what thanks do you get? Schlubs wearing T-shirts that say "Federal Breast Inspector." He wants to know how they're supposed to protect people when corporations have higher security clearances than they do, and when they're not fully briefed on half the things they're investigating. "You know, when, the truth ... the truth is ... we're obsolete." Not out there? Olivia finally speaks, after simply staring out the window. "Take me back to the lab," she says.

Walter and Peter are just on their way, and Olivia takes Peter aside to stammer out that she needs Walter, and therefore Peter has to be here too, and Walter isn't the monster Peter thinks he is, and blah blah blah. "I'm not going to use false threats anymore. The threats are real," she says.

Peter says that after she left, her dad was talking about some of the work he'd done with William Bell, and how what happened on the plane is only going to be the beginning. Which kinda makes him want to get the hell out of Boston. "Are we leaving?" calls over his father. He repeats it. Peter looks back at his father, then back at Olivia, and half-smiles. She smiles back.

Elsewhere, an attendant in white wheels a gurney down a corridor. He's stopped by someone who pulls the sheet back on the body. The corpse is John Scott. The woman is Nina Sharp, who asks the attendant how long he's been dead. "Five hours," says the guy. She waits a beat. "Question him," she says. The attendant puts his palm print on an ID screen that opens a door into some high tech lab, while the camera zooms in on a digital blue leaf, revolving on the screen. Somewhat surprisingly, it's not a pot leaf.

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