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Boyfriend In A Coma, Oh No

"Anyway, this is all just preamble to the kicker," he says. This is his pillow talk. "Notwithstanding the activities forthwith concluded, I propose we endeavor to maintain the strictest of confidences." Actually, the kicker is "I love you." She looks touched, but she doesn't say it back, just kisses him instead.

On the nightstand on her side of the bed, her cellphone screen lights up and the phone shifts as it rings and vibrates. She answers it. "Olivia Dunham," she saya, and then starts getting dressed, all "yes sir" and "of course, sir." She hangs up. "Incident at Logan. International flight. Charlie's on his way." To the motel? She leans in, kisses her co-worker, and grabs her badge and leaves, just as his cellphone rings. "Agent Scott," he says.

We arrive at Logan Airport, in Boston, announced to us not in a nice tidy graphic in the corner of the screen, but by giant floating letters, like the Lost opening screen. Then again, I suppose the tidy graphic in the corner of the screen would make this give off even more of an X-Files vibe.

Olivia identifies herself at the gate and meets up with Charlie, played by Kirk Acevedo, who tells her it was a flight out of Hamburg, with 147 passengers. Towers lost contact about three hours in, and they thought it might have been electrical interference. Charlie and Olivia walk towards the plane, surrounded by barriers and emergency vehicles. Charlie says the plane entered U.S. air space in radio silence, so two fighter jets were scrambled to intercept it. The pilots reported stains on the windows. There are no signs of life on board the plane, which ... landed itself because the auto-pilot is extra-fancy on this plane, and Logan's one of the first airports to use the extra-fancy technology. Given how often airlines' electric check-in kiosks malfunction, the idea that they're attempting to automate something that's as life and death as actually landing a plane, makes my stomach flip-flop.

Agent Scott then pulls up in a black SUV, despite the fact Charlie and Olivia had to walk the last, like, half a kilometer. He's on his cellphone as he gets out. "Well, let me assure you: we'd be happy to treat you as family too!" he yells, angrily, as he gets out, then complains about the NTSB, who "all like to think they're cops." He greets "Agent Francis" and "Agent Dunham," successfully conveying an air of friendliness and not "I was just inside you moments ago." Charlie turns back to the plane. "Whatever McNeary saw through that window, it made him throw up in front of his whole unit," he says. Olivia stares apprehensively at the plane. McNeary did that? Well, now I don't know what to think.

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