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Boyfriend In A Coma, Oh No

She wakes with a jolt, saying she was there, she saw John get hurt. Which was actually already true, so I'm not sure why Peter makes a face like, "I guess the old man was right on this one." Or why Walter smiles slightly.

"What do you mean, you saw him?" This is Charlie talking, as Olivia's back at the federal building working with some facial reconstruction software. She says she told him not to ask her that. It takes her all of about two seconds to build the face, and the very first hair type she plops on the cranium makes her go, "This is him!" And literally less than fifteen seconds later, one of the other agents brings over a photograph of Buddy. "This is him," says Olivia, only it's a picture of one of the passengers on the plane. So it couldn't have been him, says Charlie. And just a few seconds after that, we have the information that passenger Morgan Steig's emergency contact is Richard Steig. "Are you telling me he has a twin?" says Olivia. It's worth noting that Olivia seems far more incredulous at the possibility of this guy having a twin than she was at the possibility of this guy being on the plane and at the storage locker facility. But there's more: Richard Steig's last employer is Massive Dynamic.

So it's over to the very modern d├ęcor, all minimalist and white, of Massive Dynamic. No luck getting in to see William Bell, but Olivia and Charlie can talk to Nina Sharp, the executive director, who preemptively warns that she only has a couple of minutes.

Olivia explains that Steig may have used research from her company to develop a self-eradicating airborne virus. They don't know why or for whom, but it appears Steig was willing to sacrifice his own brother, since the virus got on board via the insulin pen. "So do you want to talk to me?" asks Olivia. Nina stares at Olivia for a few moments before asking her assistant to gather everything they have on Richard Steig.

Danielle goes to do so, and Nina sits down at her desk, which is a glass table set into giant huge white cubes, the only furnishings in a room the size of a college gymnasium. Nina says she remembers Richard Steig, who was caught trying to leave the premises with classified material. He was fired and his name turned over to the justice department. She also threatens Olivia with legal action if she drags Massive Dynamic's name through the mud.

Olivia asks how long she's worked for Dr. Bell. "Sixteen years," says Nina, adding that Massive Dynamic saved her life, literally. She tells a story about formerly being a runner and then feeling tired, and was ordered by Bell to see a doctor. It turned out to be cancer, you see, and the scanner that found the cancer was made by Massive Dynamic, as were the laser tools and drugs used during her surgery, and her high-tech robot arm that she had attached after her arm was amputated was designed by Dr. Bell himself. Oh, I should have mentioned that as she was telling this story, Nina was peeling off the skin of her left arm the way you would a dishwashing glove. And now she looks like a cyborg, which are part human and part half-assedly animated robot arm.

Danielle returns with the Steig file. "Do you believe that Steig may be part of the pattern?" Nina asks Olivia, who has no idea what Nina means. "Oh, I'm sorry. I assumed you had clearance," says Nina. "I'm cleared to know whatever you are, Ms. Sharp," says Olivia, and Nina merely says, "Apparently not." Nina ought to be a little less cavalier about the security clearance that she's so proud of and not babble about this classified information to any old person, huh? Then she spouts off about science and technology advancing to the point where it's impossible to regulate them. "You should know what you're getting into, Agent Dunham," she says. "I would say this to my own daughter: be careful, and good luck." Whatever that's supposed to mean. I imagine I say "be careful" more to my own daughter than to any other person on earth.

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