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He’s Electric
e more confident, and now he is, so what's the problem. Joseph screams that he wants his life to go back to what it was before. So wait, Joseph actually used to be less assertive than he is now?

So the stupid pigeons are now hovering over one spot, what looks like an abandoned school or hospital, so that must be the place, right? Wow, that was ridiculously easy. Fortunately, the birds managed to stay above major streets and avenues! Olivia gets out of her car, ordering Peter to stay put, and Charlie gets out of his, with some other agents in tow. "I'm not gonna ask," he tells her, like god forbid Charlie be told why he's spending all this time and manpower on malfunctioning electronic machinery and homing pigeons, right?

Inside, one of Fischer's thugs tells him they've got visitors at the front entrance, so Fischer tells him to take Joseph out the back and to head to the depot. "What about you?" "He's the priority," says Fischer.

Charlie busts a window so the agents can get outside. Meanwhile, in the back parking lot, the thug tosses Joseph into an SUV passenger seat, and walks around the front, which is where Joseph brings the vehicle to life and slams it into the thug, knocking him out.

Fischer has strolled out into the hallway to meet the FBI agents, buttoning up his coat. "Get those hands up in the air!" yells Charlie, regrettably forgetting to tell Fischer to wave them like he just does not care. He holds his hands up palms inward, oddly. Olivia asks about Joseph Meegar. "I'm sorry, who?" says Jacob, sarcastically. Charlie tends to Fischer while Olivia and the other agents split up.

Olivia finds a distraught Joseph in the loading bay. He bolts when he sees her, running out back to where there's a bunch of ... cement mixers? All right. As he weaves in and out of the trucks, they all start up, and then he makes his way to the street and makes a power line spark and fall, delaying Olivia. He runs the length of a school bus, only to have Peter step out from behind the engine and thwack him with a crowbar. Peter really knows how to position himself, doesn't he?

As a bandaged, heavily sedated Meegar gets loaded into an ambulance, Olivia tells him he's being taken to the hospital so they can make sure his head's all right. "I want to go home. I didn't want to hurt anybody," he says. "We're going to help you," she tells him. "That's what they said," says Joseph who pleads again to go home, but Olivia can't let him.

Back at Harvard, Astrid and Walter are all buddy-buddy and joking about Walter not being able to remember her name again, and all I can say is that if anyone ever jabs me in the neck with a hypodermic needle to knock me out, the LEAST they can do is learn my fucking name.

Olivia strolls in just in time to get grossed out by Walter drinking some white stuff from a beaker, and he tells her it's milk from Jean, because oh, that's right, there's a COW in this lab. She declines his offer of some milk of her own, saying she looks like she could use it. He adds that he doesn't really know her well enough to say this, but she hasn't seemed herself lately. "I haven't been sleeping very well," she admits. She looks like she's about to add more, then thinks better of it and says she'll see him tomorrow, and walks away.

"You've seen him. Your friend. John Scott." She turns back towards him. He says he isn't surprised, and there's a reason. Well, this ought to be good. "I can't be sure. The brain is a mystery, but I believe, when you were in the tank, John Scott, that part of his consciousness crossed over into yours, and it's still there." Oh, well, that explains everything. Olivia says it's not thoughts and memories, like Walter suggests. "He appears right in front of me. He talks to me," she says, and he says that's because he doesn't belong there and so her brain is expelling him. Excuse me while I snort derisively. "He'll go away, is that what you're saying?" asks Olivia. Walter says he doesn't know: "You really want him too?" Well, given that he's helping her solve cases, probably not.

It's dark, and Olivia's driving, and walking down the street is John Scott. Hey, speak of the devil! Olivia and Walter were just talking about you! Olivia hurriedly parks the car and gets out, and follows a silent John around the corner and then down some stairs into a basement apartment. The door's locked for her, though, so she shoots the knob and follows John inside. She makes her way through hallways of exposed pipe. John's standing in the dark, and she flips on a light, and he's not there. But she finds a makeshift office, with shelves of boxes, with labels like "unsolved" and stuffed with documents.

Over to Broyles now, who tells Olivia that the team is still sifting through all the papers but it looks like John was investigating Pattern cases on his own. "He also knew about our friend Dr. Fischer. In fact he knew quite a bit more than we did," he says, including several other Josephs that Fischer had been subjecting to treatment. They've tracked all the others down and are getting medical treatment. Fischer's still not co-operating, but maybe six weeks in solitary will change his mind (a hilarious shot of Fischer being led into a jail cell and then glaring out through the bars on the door). Uh, has he asked her anything at all about how she found the place?

But wait, there's more! Broyles hands over a box of John's personal effects. "It would seem some of them were intended for you," says Broyles, and then he leaves. Olivia opens the box. There are some baby pictures, and a necklace, and she goes right to the ring box. Inside is a huge honkin' diamond, with "Always" inscribed on the inside. John's voice plays in her head: "I will prove it, Liv. I love you. Always."

Jesus, good luck dating again if your dead ex-boyfriend is going to keep popping in from time to time.

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