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You'll Never Make a Monkey Out of Walter
cant, but it's probably just to show how well the product-placed vehicle handles. Anyway, Olivia has a team on Bermudez's house because it's empty, and she's on her way to Alpert's.

That's where Peter is cleaning and gutting Alpert's body, and asking Walter how he found him. Uh, because you left your assassination plans all over the place? Walter simply looked Alpert's name up in the phone book. Distressed, he watches as Peter pulls the data storage disk from Alpert's back. Peter says he didn't learn anything from the rest of them, so this guy must know something. "I have to know what they know, Walter. I'm tired of being reactive," he says. Walter's pleading with Peter, who coldly points out that these guys are sent here to kill them, and beside, they're not even human. To illustrate his point, he flips the shapeshifter back over and puts a bullet in its forehead.

Walter wants to know why Peter didn't tell them anything, if he wasn't doing something wrong. Peter's got no answer for that, but he coolly answers his ringing cellphone. It's Olivia, filling him in on their discovery, and that they're on their way to Alpert's house.

But they arrive too late and only find the dead Alpert, and neither fabulous Bishop boy. Later, Olivia's commiserating at the Bishops' place, upset because all of the shapeshifters are gone. "Well, we still have the other Olivia's computer," says Peter. Meanwhile, Walter is glaring at Peter to the extent that you'd think Olivia would say something.

Peter sees Olivia out of the house, and she tells him that she read Fauxlivia's file, and he's got nothing to be embarrassed about. He thanks her, she leaves, and he turns to see Walter standing there. Walter quietly says that he thinks he knows what's wrong with Peter: "Every relationship is reciprocal, Peter. When you touch something it touches you. You're changing, son. When you touched the machine, it changed you. It weaponized you." You know, being weaponized sounds like it might not be too bad. Peter asks what they do now, and Walter doesn't know. Probably because he hasn't snorted the proper DNA yet.

Over at Massive Dynamic, Brandon doesn't have new info on the device but MD did track down three copies of the First People book: in three different languages by three different authors: "They're all published within two years of each other. So forgiving for the translations, they're almost literally word for word," he says. She asks him what he makes of it, and he points out that there have been six major extinction events in the earth's five-billion-year history. "So who's to say that one of them didn't wipe out a great civilization?" he says.

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