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Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
g Bright White Minimalist Labs Inc., where a technician tells her they've hit a dead end (no pun intended, I presume) trying to reconstruct John Scott's memories: "If we push further, we risk destroying the fragments we're trying to retrieve." Nina's all, no pressure, "but we're in a race against highly motivated individuals. And right now, John Scott is our only advantage." The technician says she understands. Do you understand that Nina figures if you kill yourself over the pressure it's pretty much just the cost of doing business?

Back at Walter's lab, the mad doctor is going through a box of toys. He's got one of those old Coleco electric football games that vibrates, upon which he sticks a beaker and fills it with rice. "So, why did you need me to go get all that rice?" asks Peter. Walter pulls a toy gun from the box: "No talking!" he snarls, in a pretty good old-timey gangster voice. No, seriously, says Peter. "And while I'm at it, what's with all the toys?" Walter says they were in his storage (one of the magical hidey holes he's got all over the city, I guess). "They're your toys, son, from when you were a little boy." Not my toys, says Peter. Walter figures that they must be his own then, but then starts babbling about the piece of netting that was found left in the bank. "I believe the swatch left behind was from a larger piece that was draped over the vault wall." He thinks that's the key, although he's not exactly sure just how, and at any rate he's distracted by finding a little G.I. Joe or something. He sticks it atop the rice in the beaker. "This gentleman is standing on what appears to be solid. However, add vibration..." He turns on the football game, and as it vibrates, the doll sinks into the rice. I'm quite envious of this. "Of what?" says Peter, who, being allegedly a genius himself should have already figured it out, but Walter explains it to him: "Somehow the robbers were able to weaken the vault wall. High-frequency vibrations disrupting its atomic structure, allowing another piece of solid matter through it." Like the Flash! Astrid looks skeptical, and Walter says in actuality the feat would be immensely complicated and apparently not without consequences: "It seems that use of this technology can render one slightly radioactive," says Walter, turning on a Geiger counter that crackles as he waves it over the hand. I'm no scientist, but isn't it something of a presumption to go from a) this person attempted to go through a wall and b) this person is radioactive to mean that this person is radioactive because he tried to go through a wall? Again, I'm no scientist. But it's not going to matter. Walter asks Astrid (known as "Miss" today) to put the hand on ice to help preserve the tissue.

Peter wants to be clear: "The robbers have managed to not only violate the natural laws of the universe, but they're also becoming radioactive?" This is when Olivia comes in, and Peter brings her up to speed as uselessly as he can by telling her that the robbers are radioactive and that he's been out buying rice for Walter's toys. Astrid, who goofs off a lot less than the rest of them, asks Olivia if she got any leads on the safe deposit boxes. Olivia says they were all purchased twenty-three years ago: "All paid for in cash, bogus names on each account." She says the safe-deposit boxes are untraceable, and then asks Astrid to call hospitals in the Philadelphia area to ask them to call if anyone comes in showing signs of radiation poisoning. "Yeah, I'm on it," says Astrid.

"So what's our next move?" asks Peter. Olivia says Raul was a good guy before the military, with a clean record and responsible employee. "I want to know how he became a criminal. Why they recruited him and what they promised him." Susan gave her some names, and in an amazing coincidence, his best friend from high school works at a bar in Cambridge. Peter perks up at the words "bar in Cambridge," and then suddenly the two of them are running out the door, with an unimpressed Astrid left to babysit Walter, who says, "Now, Miss, I'm going to repeat the demonstration with the rice. Would you care to watch?" Astrid gives him a flat no, but it doesn't dampen his enthusiasm a bit, and he keeps playing with his electric football.

Olivia and Peter walk into the bar, which is filled with people, and Olivia tells him to "go along with this, OK?" "Sure thing, boss," says Peter. They belly up to the bar, and Olivia gives a big friendly hello to the bartender and orders a double-shot of whiskey. The bartender asks Peter, who says he'll have the "same as the lady." Olivia introduces herself: "I'm Stephanie. This is my brother Rick." Peter amusingly falters slightly when he finds out he's playing the role of "brother" instead of "sex partner." He's even more nonplussed when he goes in for a "cheers" with Olivia, who's already pounded hers back and is asking for another while giving the bartender the "you look familiar" routine. She asks him if he's sure they haven't met before, and he says he doesn't think so. He's Drew. "Drew, I got to tell you, I never forget a face." Peter says it's true, and kinda creepy. And finally "Stephanie" "remembers": "Raul and Susan's wedding!" Drew's impressed that she remembers he was the best man. Peter, who wants to BLOW THEIR COVER, apparently, says, "It's incredible, right? She's been able to do that since we were kids. Remember that?" He all but WINKS at her and gives her the okey-dokey sign.

Olivia tells Drew that she lost contact with Susan. She asks where they're living now. Drew says he doesn't know, but heard they split up, but he's not surprised: "Raul got weird." Weird how, asks Olivia. Drew figures it was post-traumatic stress from the Gulf War: "When he got back, he didn't come around much. He started hanging out at the VA a lot." He doesn't know which one, and then is called away down the bar. "Brother," says Peter, like GET OVER IT, Peter. Olivia says, "It kind of works better that way." Peter appears unconvinced. Olivia gives a quick call to Broyles, who is sitting glaring some paperwork into submission, and asks him to find out which VA hospital Raul Lugo might have gone to. "There was nothing in any of his records," says Broyles. Olivia knows; that's why she's calling him. Broyles says he'll do what he can, and will have an answer for her in an hour. Olivia hangs up and fills Peter in, and moves to go. Peter asks what the rush is: "Two is your limit?" "Is that a dare?" I wonder how Broyles will react when he calls back in an hour and Olivia's shitfaced like a freshman during orientation weekend.

Back at the hideout, the crew is playing ... chess? Classy. One of them's saying that he took a look at Loeb's papers while he was checking out whatever was in the box they grabbed: "It's a map of Germany. Frankfurt. Lines all over it." You mean, like on a MAP? "Looks like he's planning a damn invasion." "I got next," says the third guy, who starts to light a cigarette, but Loeb comes in to tell them they're headed out to Providence. Judging from the way the smoker's hands are shaking, it's going to take him at least that long just to light the cigarette.

Back at the bar, Olivia and Peter are trying to impress each other with card-counting and magic tricks, and I hope Drew the bartender doesn't happen to look over and see the brother and sister FLIRTING with each other for God's sake. Peter's pretty amazed by Olivia's card-counting ability, and she says it was all she would do when I was a kid. Well, no freaking WONDER you never had a best friend. "I'm sure that if I were a child today, I would be diagnosed with something. I just have this thing for numbers. I see them once and remember them the rest of my life." She starts rattling off the license plate of her best friend from high school, even though she never HAD a best friend, her locker combination, the numbers of the safe-deposit boxes: 233, 377 and 610. Peter recognizes them, asks to repeat them. She does. "I know those numbers," he says.

So Peter shakes awake Walter who apparently left the lab as soon as Olivia and Peter left and went back to the hotel room to go to bed? As he comes to, he sees Peter and Olivia standing there. "Oh. Do you two want to use the room?" No, it's a brother-sister thing, Walter, don't worry. Peter asks him about the numbers he recites every night to help him fall asleep, and prompts him with 233, 377, 610. Walter keeps it going with 987 and 1,597. "What is that pattern?" asks Peter. "It's the Fibonacci sequence. You should know that, Peter, if you had stayed at college." Olivia tells Walter that not everybody knows th

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