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Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
was, and their closest guess was hepea, which is a rare form of bird flu that hadn't been around for decades. Peter's mother was beside herself, and Walter was even worse, because he's a scientist, and he can't do anything about his son dying. "Walter, I don't remember any of this," says Peter, but Walter's on a roll now, talking like he's only just remembering it. He says he became obsessed with conquering the disease, and discovered a doctor, Alfred Gross, who was the only physician to ever successfully treat hepea. But he died in 1936.

The music's swelling to kinda ridiculous levels as Walter says he designed a device to "reach back in time, to cross the time-space continuum and retrieve Alfred Gross. To bring him back with me, to fix you, my dying son." Walter thinks the device is what's hidden in the safe deposit boxes. Peter, realizing that he is in fact alive, asks his dad if the device worked: "You were able to go back to 1936 and get this guy," he says. Walter says before he could test it, Peter started to recover on his own. "But the science behind it, in theory, it would work. In theory, it could retrieve anyone from anywhere," says Walter. To borrow a phrase from Peter, I just want to see if I understand this: Walter built some sort of time-teleportation machine, but because Peter got better, he NEVER TESTED IT? Of course, this was right before he went to the mental hospital, I guess, so... but still. I mean, Jesus. Should have used the time-teleportation machine to get yourself Clarence Darrow for the defense, Walter.

Things are starting to roll now: Olivia's on her way, using the GPS in her car for directions. Meanwhile, Loeb's crew is setting up by what is presumably the hangar for the air strip. Psst, Olivia! Just look for the building that has "Little Hill Field" in giant letters floating above it! Loeb's men set up the camera/surveying-looking things while Loeb calls out coordinates. "Horizontal angle 33.33 grad," says one of the guys, looking through the lens, which gives some kind of thermal-looking readout. They're good to go, apparently. It's great that these guys are all such experts in using the time-teleportation device that until today none of them had ever seen before. Loeb asks the time, which is 12:30.

When it's 12:30 in Boston, it's 6:30 in Frankfurt, and Kohl shows up as ordered with the appeal for Jones to sign. Except I think there was some sort of miscommunication between Kohl and Jones, because Jones, instead of signing the appeal, snaps Kohl's neck. Interesting appeal strategy. Hey Jonesy: what happens if this escape doesn't work?

While Jones dresses in Kohl's suit -- straightening his tie and taking a couple of pills -- Olivia is still on her way, although she's suddenly being tailgated by a black SUV, which is joined by a couple more at an intersection. They run her off the road, and she tries to flee across a field, but she's shot with what sounds like a Taser or a tranquilizer. Not a bullet, at any rate, and she collapses on the ground. "Target captured," says one of her captors. My theory is that it's just Olivia's friends who are tired of her blowing them off for work, and they're staging an (admittedly violent) intervention.

Loeb watches over his team, which is now using these prong things to suspend a hollow tube over the ground. They're not even checking any kind of manual! Lights start to glow. Jones puts in some eye drops and slathers on some suntan lotion. In Little Hill Field, a giant cylinder of light beams up from the ground as Loeb watches, almost smiling. Also watching are the black-clad dudes who have Olivia, unconscious in the back seat of one of the SUVs. Also watching? THE ENTIRE EASTERN SEABOARD. The light is BRIGHT.

At Science Prison, Jones goes over to stand in the corner of the room, and a light starts to glow above his head. He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. The room starts to rattle, and there's a flash of light. Over in the field, the base of the beam of light flashes as well, and suddenly Jones is standing there. Loeb smiles. I would too. I had a hard time getting my wireless internet set up. Probably would have taken me a few tries to teleport someone across six time zones on untested equipment that's a couple of decades old.

We're in some place that's got some giant clock set in a tower. Big ... Ben, I think it is? No floating letters to tell us where we are! I guess Big Ben is supposed to be enough to let viewers know we're in Zurich. You're lucky I'm so well-versed on international landmarks. Anyway, Nina's there, and she answers her cellphone to hear Broyles tell her that Olivia Dunham is missing. "What do you mean missing?" says Nina. Missing as in missing, Nina! Broyles, sounding even more pissed than normal, says, "It appears she has been abducted. Need I even ask?" She doesn't respond at first, and then tells her she resents the accusation. "I don't make accusations, so let me be clear. If I find out--" and Nina cuts him off, saying he knows how she feels about Agent Dunham. He does? "Why would I want any harm to come to her? Now, what do we know about who may have taken her? And why?" Unsaid: "Why didn't I kidnap her first?"

Loeb greets Jones (see how nice he looks! No one gets dressed up to travel anymore), who says he needs to get into the decompression chamber. He asks if Loeb's got Agent Dunham. "She didn't even put up a fight," says Loeb. "Well, then, let's not keep her waiting," says Jones.

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