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Why Would You Wanna Live in This World?
omb-makin' Brian told her.

Back at Brian's apartment, the FBI team is swarming all over the place, and then Broyles seems to notice something a little off about the floor. Pulling aside a rug, the team finds a trap door and some stairs, and they walk down into a workshop filled with lost-cat posters and animal skeletons. "Oh, hello, freak show," says Peter, adding that this guy was clearly nuts, and goody-two-shoes Lee points out that the clinical term is sociopath. An FBI agent digs up an invoice for twenty pounds of plastic explosives that was in the bathroom for some reason. "This guy was making a bomb," says Broyles. "So where is it?" asks Peter.

Well, it's in car 2, seat 17, which is fortunately -- for Dana, anyway -- unoccupied when she gets on. She pulls the duffel bag onto her lap and surreptitiously zips it open to make sure the bomb's in there.

Then, perhaps in an attempt to make us root for the bomb to go off and destroy everyone on board, an obnoxious guy on a cellphone exasperatedly tells the person on the other end that he'll pick them up on the way. He hangs up and sighs and tells Dana, who in no way looks interested or was paying him any attention at all, that that was his sister, who had another baby. "Her and her husband, they're like rabbits," he says, adding that he's going to Providence to see them and asks where she's headed. Dana manages not to point out that she's not interested in the mating frequency of the relatives of strangers sitting near her on a train, but says, "I'm on the way to see family too." Yeah, but her family's dead, so ... ohhhhhhhhh.

Meanwhile, over at Brian's apartment, more bomb-making evidence is piling up, but they don't have any bomb itself. Broyles wants Brian's credit cards, ATM withdrawals, metro cards, etc., checked: "I want a list of possible targets, any places guy'd want to blow up." If it were me, I'd start with Tim Hortons near my workplace. Tim Hortons is annoying enough in the way it pushes itself (and people buy into it) as a Canadian icon, but it is the only coffeeshop near my work, so that's the one I tend to go to, except I think this particular franchise is an experiment on the part of the company to see how slowly staff can work without customers leaving in frustration. [Editor's Note: I take your point, but I'll put up with pretty much anything at Tim Hortons, as their two locations are a godsend in NYC. They're the only places you can get maple donuts here, because Dunkin Donuts has a damn donut monopoly on practically the whole island of Manhattan and they don't know shit about proper donut flavors. Good story, Mindy. -- Mindy Monez]

Anyway, Peter wonders if maybe they're tracking the wrong person, since Dana was there. "You think she took the bomb? Why would she do that?" asks Broyles, but Lee has an idea, that he acknowledges sounds insane: "She can't die. But she wants to. And she's been trying anything and everything she can to move on, right? She's been trying to stow away on the souls of the recently dead. Which is why she's been using suicide victims." But that plan's not working, so she's looking for another way: "Dana was here when this guy committed suicide. I think that he told her were the bomb is, and the only reason she didn't pick up that gun and follow suit is because she's gonna try something new."

Broyles says that even if Lee's right, they still have the same problem: how do they find the bomb? Peter spots a cellphone and asks if it's "the suicide's phone." Um, he had a name, Peter! He checks the recent calls, and finds a call placed half an hour before he killed himself, Boston area code. "How much you want to bet that's Dana Gray's phone number?" he says.

On the train, they've started the parade of innocent victims past Dana's seat so she can look conflicted. Then her cellphone rings. She takes it out, looks at it and sees "Unknown caller" and doesn't pick up.

Back at Brian's apartment, the FBI tech says they can't run a trace unless the line's open. She's got to pick up. Peter asks him to change the outgoing caller ID on the phone, and the tech says sure. Lee wants to know what Peter's up to: "She may not answer this number, but I know whose number she will answer," says Peter. K-Rock 97? She'd better answer with "K-Rock plays all the hits I love" though, or she won't get the jackpot.

On the train, Dana's phone rings again. She absentmindedly digs her phone out of her pocket again, and then answers it, shocked, when the caller ID lists "Henry Gray." She cautiously says hello, and Peter says, "Dana, please don't hang up," as the FBI folks get to work on the trace. He introduces himself, and says he works with the FBI. "Well, then I'm sorry, Mr. Bishop, but we have nothing to talk about," she says, and he quickly babbles out that he knows what happened to her and her family, and that she's only doing this because she wants to be reunited with him. Despite the fact (or perhaps because of the fact) that he's completely correct, Dana says that just because he's read some files about her, that doesn't mean he knows the hell she's been stuck in or what she has to do to make it stop. Peter says that he can help her make it stop: "The people that I work with are scientists. They are the best at what they do. And if you come in, I promise you they can help you," he says. Big promise! She thinks about it and tries to pin him down and says, "Can you promise me you'll reunite me with my family?" He quickly counters with "Can you promise me that killing a bunch of people will?" She says it's the best chance she's got, and she's sorry but she has no choice, and he tells her she does. They all do. "Not me. I should have died that night with my family," she says.

She calls it an "impossible cosmic joke" that she's still stuck here, and Peter tries to pretend that he knows exactly what she's going through, which is awfully presumptuous of him. "But believe me, Dana, this is not the solution." After a moment Dana says she guesses they'll find out soon enough, and Peter hangs up. Peter asks the FBI tech if they were able to trace it, and he shakes his head. Hey, try calling back with the Caller ID identifying you as one of her dead children! Maybe that will work!

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