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Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire
d/or sex involved, so you can see why he'd agree.

But the next morning, a sleepy Elizabeth rolls over and reaches for Walternate, who is already gone. Don't fret! Maybe he didn't go to Florida! Maybe he's just getting his hair reupholstered! She lies back down, eyes wide open. Now: think about what Elizabeth said about staying strong for when Peter comes back, and consider what it means that Earth-2 Elizabeth is still alive despite not seeing her son until Peter crossed over again recently, while Earth-1 Elizabeth killed herself.

Anyway, there are soldiers guarding "Bishop Dynamic," which looks an awful lot like a certain Jacksonville daycare, greet the town car that pulls up and discharges Walternate, who at least is wearing a suit and tie and not his drunk-scientist T-shirt. He's walking pretty stiffly. Probably a combination of hangover and sex-hangover. The lab techs and the soldiers welcome him, and he goes into his office. Through the window, in the distance, we can see a space shuttle on a launching pad. Walternate opens his desk drawer, pulls out a flask and takes a sip. Hold all his calls, he's got a morning meeting with the hair of the dog. He goes to the window and looks outside, and the lens flare takes us back to Earth-1, where Ashley is telling Walter, "It's almost dark, and there's still no sign of either of them." Yes, it's too bad they haven't walked directly in front of the window that Walter is looking through -- although that's probably the door to the room that Olivia barbecued. Anyway, Ashley found Olivia's sketchbook, which is great, because Elizabeth found that hours ago. Walter looks at the angry drawing of the angry man, and starts to look a little angry himself.

Meanwhile, it's dark, and young Peter strolls up into the white tulip field, where Olive is startled to see him, and she wonders how he found her. He shows her the drawing she did of the field of white tulips, which he just happens to have learned don't normally grow around here. I'm glad he took that picture, like it was some kind of map to the tulip fields. But how'd he know she'd go there? "Because it's the only drawing that looked happy," he says. She nods. They introduce themselves, then he takes a step forward, and she warns him to be careful, looking at the smouldering ground around her, because she's still quite warm. He says he's not scared and sits down next to her anyway.

Then he notices her black eye, and apparently they haven't heard of NOT STARING in Earth-2, because that's what he does, and he asks her what happened. "My stepdad did it," she says. She doesn't bother lying for good ol' trustworthy eight-year-old (or whatever) Peter! She starts to cry a little about how she messed up, so "Dr. Walter" is going to send her home. Peter thinks for a moment, and then asks if she's told Walter about her stepdad. Olivia doesn't think Walter would do anything, and Peter shares Elizabeth's advice about imagining how you want things to be. (He catches himself saying "my mom," hesitates, and then says it anyway).

She considers this for a long moment, then asks Peter if he trusts Walter. He thinks it over, and then says she should tell Walter, because she's got to try something. Lying by omission! Tsk. It's unfortunate that Peter's relationship with Olivia -- neither of them to this day will ever remember meeting each other, apparently -- started off on a foundation of lies from the get-go. Anyway, Olivia holds out her hand for Peter to hold, saying she's cooled off by now, and they hold hands in a field of white tulips in a sweet moment that adds to the pile of reasons why the pilot, where there was not a glimmer of recognition between Olivia and the fabulous Bishop boys, becomes just the teensiest bit harder to swallow. Also, wasn't Olivia much younger in the video we saw of her after she torched the place? I guess the most plausible explanation is that this isn't the first time she went all psychic mind-fire, but if that's the case, you'd think Walter would have been a little bit more cautious.

Meanwhile, back at Drug Daycare, the police are finally getting involved in the search for two missing children. Good thing they waited until it was dark out before calling the police.

And then Peter and Olivia come strolling up, and Elizabeth runs and embraces Peter, who keeps staring at a smiling Olivia, and these two are clearly smitten. Now forget each other!

Inside the daycare, Ashley tells Olivia that her stepfather's on her way. This doesn't exactly fill Olivia with relief, and she decides she wants to talk to Dr. Walter. Ashley says she can do that tomorrow, but Olivia says she wants to talk to him NOW and starts to get angry and despite the fact that Olivia just about incinerated this place Ashley ARGUES with her about it. But Olivia runs past her and into Walter's office, where she tells a surprised Walter that her stepfather gave her the black eye, and that's when she went to the other universe, which is where she saw the blimps in the sky, just like he said she would. She hands over her sketchbook to show him. "Can you make him stop hitting me? Please?" she asks Her face is a crumpled tear-stained mess -- nice work by the young actress -- that breaks your heart, even more so when we hear "Olive? What's wrong?" from behind her, and there's Walter behind her, and there's no one sitting at the desk. She looks quite confused.

And then later, Walter walks her out into the hallway, where her douchebag stepfather is pacing. He tells Walter that he hopes their "little princess" wasn't too much trouble, and he holds his hand out to Olivia, saying he was worried sick. Olivia glares at him.

Before the stepfather can take her, though, Walter warns him that Olivia is very special, and if he does anything to hurt her or frighten her or make her uncomfortable in any way, Walter's going to tell Social Services -- but he's also got certain government friends who would make sure he'd face "significant troubles." That seems to wipe the smirk off stepdaddy's face.

Walter brightly tells Olivia to go home and get some rest and they'll "figure out a new way" tomorrow. The stepfather silently walks her out.

Back at the Bishop house, Peter and Elizabeth putter around the kitchen, and Peter starts to walk out but then turns and says he's sorry if he scared her when he ran off. She tells him it's OK, and then he says, "I'm never going back, am I," and I left the question mark off of that deliberately.

Elizabeth walks over to him, and crouches down and strokes his arms. She tells him that sometimes the world they have is not the world they want, but they have their hearts and imaginations to make the best of it. That's touching and all, but I'd like to point out that Peter comes from a world WHERE THEY DON'T HAVE PEANUT M&Ms so he should stop his crying and enjoy the clearly superior Earth-1.

Elizabeth promises that she will be the best mother she possibly can be, and will protect him, and never let anyone take him away from her. "No one. Not ever," she says. "But you're not her, are you. You're not my real mother," says Peter. Not angrily, more matter-of-factly. Elizabeth determinedly tells him that he was sick for a very long time, which made him confused, but of course she's his mother. She says it the way you concoct a cover story with someone. She's not trying to convince him, just telling him how it's going to be. After a moment, he nods, manages a bit of a smile, and says OK, and hugs her, and calls her "Mom." And then he walks away, while Elizabeth tries to fight back the sobs, because God forbid anyone in the Bishop family shouldn't deserve, like, all the Emmys this year. And then it's off to the booze cupboard for Elizabeth.

And then there's Walternate, at Bishop Dynamic, the one who actually received the sketchbook from Olivia when she didn't realize she had crossed over briefly. He's looking at a picture Olivia drew of Peter and her holding hands. He calls Elizabeth and tells her knows where Peter is. It's a nice dramatic moment for him, and t

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