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I Sting the Body Electric
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It's early morning at Olivia's place -- 5:58 a.m., to be exact. No, wait, 5:59. Forgot about the movies/television rule that states any shot of a clock has to have the clock tick up by one minute. Olivia sleeps, and morning light starts to creep across her face, shining in through the curtains, which rustle despite there not being any wind. Olivia's keys slide off her nightstand, followed by a couple more objects, and a bluish-white cloud of energy takes shape at the foot of her bed, hovering over her.

Her clock goes from 5:59 to 6:00, setting off the alarm clock, and she stirs, and is understandably startled to see this thing in front of her. She throws off her blanket and goes for her gun (Wait! Maybe it brings you peace and love!), but then the thing is gone, and Olivia's left with nothing but a bunch of metallic objects on the floor. (Thank god she keeps her more, um, intimate items in the drawer).

And then, strangely enough, her clock goes from 5:59 to 6:00 again, and the alarm goes off. Olivia looks around her bedroom, but there's nothing but the Bieber posters on the wall.

Over at the lab, Walter's mood is much improved from last week, and he seems to have suffered no untoward effects form having rammed a spike into his face. He and Astrid are working on some project that seems to consist of throwing a peanut into the air and photographing it from a bunch of different angles, via the many cameras set up in a ring.

Olivia strolls in, with Walter delighted that she's visiting (and momentarily confused when she reminds him that she works there) and tells her the setup they have going on is to capture the "apparition" that's been haunting them: "I believe the apparition may be out of phase with our reality. And for that reason, he is not visible from all directions. Instead he's visible only from one specific angle, which is why I can see him and no one else can. So: multiple camera taking pictures from multiple angles. He got the idea from watching The Matrix, we learn. That, and dirty bong water.

Anyway! Olivia tells them about her morning visitor, and about the droning noise, and about the metal objects in a pile on her floor, and the fact that it touched her. She takes off her jacket and hands it to Walter so she can roll up her sleeve and show them the ugly burn on her forearm. She wonders if she's causing this, like when she was a child and set fire to that room. Walter suggests they get a DNA scraping, so they can figure out exactly what form of energy is doing this. He strides over to a desk and puts Olivia's jacket on a chair, and a letter in her pocket catches his eye, especially the St. Claire's logo on the return address.

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