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I Sting the Body Electric

So they're off! Cameron's skeptical that he can even gather and direct the power they need, and Walter points out he just did it in the hallway. "Once when you were a boy, you blew up a toaster oven with your mind simply because of an irrational hatred of raisin toast," says Walter. Cameron is all, yeah, have you HAD raisin toast? Just what are you implying, young man? Anyway, Walter blah-blahs about him focusing his emotions and he needs to do what he did to the toaster oven, but on a grand scale. Olivia gets off the phone with Astrid and tells them there's a power grid terminal on the West Side. I would imagine there are a few, yes.

So they show up at the power terminal, with Walter telling Cameron that when the force attacks Olivia again, he will combine his energy with the energy of the power grid to destroy it. What could be simpler?

While Olivia sits on a bench in front of the transformer or whatever, I don't know, Cameron stands a few away while Walter goes wandering over by some other equipment, which sparks a thought: what are their theoretical odds of surviving this encounter? Olivia and Cameron don't seem super-concerned about the possibility of dying, but aren't we talking about a potentially huge explosion with three people at the epicenter? Cameron would rather ask if Olivia's heard how any of the other Cortexiphan kids are doing. She hasn't, and likewise she's the first he's been in touch with. He says he used to wonder about them a lot.

He asks her if she's had any side effects from the experiments. She hasn't, and he says she's really lucky -- or maybe it's something else: "When I had my first experience, I thought something was coming after me, too, until I realized I was doing it to myself," he says. Olivia doesn't really seem to take well to the suggestion that she's doing this to herself (even though yesterday she was the first one to suggest it), and Cameron seems uncomfortable with having brought it up. "The question is, would he tell you if he thought you were?" he says, indicating Walter.

Olivia thinks about it a moment while Cameron comes closer and says that she was already gone, but Walter was not happy when the experiments ended. They watch as Walter barely conceals himself taking a whiz behind a concrete block. Then he notices a chain that appears to moving along the ground on its own and he hurriedly zips up. Careful with that!

He goes racing back to Olivia and Cameron as it grows windy and the energy starts to appear in front of her. "This isn't me. I am not doing this," Olivia tells Cameron, who closes his eyes and holds out his hand. The transformer sparks as the energy approaches Olivia, Walter cheering as he yells, "It's working!" But in front of Olivia, the energy starts to coalesce into a humanoid shape -- the particular humanoid shape of Peter (still too vague to accurately render his stubble). "You!" says Olivia, and she tells Cameron to stop. Cameron ignores her, or he can't hear her -- he's still got his eyes closed and is frozen in his tai chi pose. Walter's no help; he's practically salivating and yelling, "Finish him!" So Olivia fires her gun in the air to break Cameron's focus. He opens his eyes. The energy is gone.

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