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I Sting the Body Electric

And somewhere, a naked (easy now, folks) Peter Bishop breaks the surface of a lake near where a couple of people are fishing in a boat. The camera pulls up so we can get the view of the Looming Location Letters, and we see that this is -- naturally -- Reiden Lake. The fishermen row their boat over to where Peter is while we see -- from a distance -- the back of Observer's head as he, well, you know, observes.

Back at the power station, Olivia's trying to convince Walter that she was not imagining seeing the man from her dreams and Walter's hallucinations in the energy. Walter wants to know why, if it's the same person, that Olivia tried to stop Cameron from destroying it. She says she can't explain it, she just had a feeling that he didn't want to hurt her, that he wanted her help. Hey, Walter! This is the part where you could tell Olivia that the voice you hear as part of your hallucinations ASKS FOR YOUR HELP because that would kind of fit in with what Olivia's saying here. Anyway, all this electromagnetism stuff has gone on at this ridiculously unsecure power station without attracting any attention, so Olivia and Cameron are strolling back to the car, with Olivia saying, "You know, Cameron, if there's anything I can do for you," and Cameron frowns in Walter's general direction and says, "Make him forget about me." She (eventually) smiles and doesn't tell Cameron that Walter forgets EVERYTHING relevant until the last possible second when they're working on a file.

Getting in the car, Olivia asks Walter if he thinks they destroyed the thing. He's not sure, but he wonders if what Olivia did may have compromised Cameron's ability and just displaced the energy. Sounding almost like he's scolding her, he says, "You acted against all reasonable agreements and expectations," and I have to say that when the plan is "We'll use the man with the astral-projecting and electromagnetic powers I experimented on when he was a kid to destroy in a power station this sentient energy that's menacing another person who I experimented on as a kid" then I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL HE MEANS by "reasonable agreements and expectations." He also says she behaved irrationally with regard only to her intuition and instincts.

Olivia's all, "Yep" and Walter says when he does that, people say he's crazy. I think they actually roll their eyes and sigh and say things like, "Oh, Walter," or "My name is Astrid," but Walter thinks he's learned that "crazy" is a lot more complicated than people think, and I'd like to point out to him that if Olivia didn't already know that, I bet you'd have been shipped back to St. Claire's two years and fifty-one weeks ago and changed all the Fringe division phone numbers. Olivia gets a call from Broyles, who says he got a disturbing call about a father and son who pulled a man from the middle of Reiden Lake. To emphasize that this is a rebooted universe, Olivia says, "Where's Reiden Lake?" WHICH I DON'T THINK WOULD BE THE FIRST QUESTION and Broyles quickly tells her it's in upstate New York. "Details are sketchy, but apparently whoever he is knows a lot of classified information -- things no one outside this division could possibly know. What's more, he claims to know every one of us," says Broyles. Behind Olivia, in the SUV, Walter says, "I had a house at Reiden Lake." Olivia says nothing, but looks like she wouldn't mind hurting somebody.

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