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I Sting the Body Electric

With Olivia and Astrid occupied getting the DNA sample, Walter furtively takes the letter out (we can see the purplish bruise on his eye from the attempted lobotomy), and reads that Dr. Sumner's recommendation is that Walter be remanded back into care immediately. But he doesn't appear to have final say -- there's a spot for someone to check off whether they think it's a good idea or not, because AS IF this is how you commit someone for mental illness. So Walter puts the letter back, and the Olivia and Astrid come over, and Walter tells them he needs an "atmospheric sample" from Olivia's apartment, and they say that's no problem and then he says they need to leave so he can sit there looking conflicted and forlorn for about five hours.

With Walter watching on the videophone, Astrid waves a Wand of Science over the metal objects on the floor. The closer she gets, the higher the reading: "Two whole rads at this proximity," she says. That's a lot of rads! I suppose! Walter asks Olivia if she left a window open. She did, so he asks her to go to another room, like the bathroom, to find something metal so they can test to see if it's been magnetized too.

Walter's getting some sort of feedback on the video feed, but before he can figure it out, he hears Olivia yelling, "Astrid!" and then Astrid saying, "What's wrong?" and he watches the video feed -- very Blair Witch Project -- go the bathroom, where Olivia seems to slam up against the wall by an unseen force, and then something slams the bathroom door. Walter's all, "What's going on in there?" but then we see Astrid still taking readings from the metal objects and asks what he's talking about. And then we immediately get the sequence that just played out for Walter, with Olivia calling for Astrid and Astrid running to the bathroom. In the bathroom, the energy shimmers into view. The medicine cabinet directly behind Olivia's head rattles, so she ducks, and then everything metallic inside flies out at the energy, which dissipates. The objects fall to the floor, and Astrid busts in to find a scared Olivia on the floor.

After the opening credits, everyone's back at the lab, where they're discussing the impossibility of Walter's equipment recording the encounter before it actually occurred. "Whatever it is, it seemed somehow to affect time." Olivia wonders if he has any theories, and he says he's not sure it caused a time effect before. Astrid's all, "'Before'? I thought you said you'd never seen anything like this," only in a surprise twist it reminds Walter of something from back in his Belly-partnering days, during the Cortexiphan trials. "There was a boy who displayed the beginnings of an ability for astral projection," he says, which, for anyone who doesn't know and yet for some reason watches Fringe anyway, is the ability to travel outside the physical body. "And the matter to energy transformation had similar results. That would explain the radiation levels in Olivia's apartment," he says, adding that a harmful side effect was that every time he did it, he created a distortion in the magnetic field and attracted metal objects to him. So in other words it's EXACTLY like what's happening here. Olivia still doesn't understand what this would have to do with her, since the Cortexiphan trials were twenty-five years ago, and Walter says Bell theorized that the Kortexiphan Kids would share a psychic link, an emotional bond because of their shared experience (of being experimented on by two genius lunatics, you mean). "Maybe this person is trying to reach out to you, and the harmful side effects are unintentional," says Walter.

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