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I Sting the Body Electric

Still, why her and why now? Olivia wants to know, but Walter doesn't know, and he becomes increasingly uncomfortable as he explains that not all of the kids handled the treatments as well as she did. Really? Considering Olivia burned down a room, what did the other kids do? Walter says some of the other kids had adverse reactions, but Olivia was the strongest and the others recognized that, and so Olivia was everybody's favorite. Aw. The most popular girl in the hellish laboratory of things that should never be!

But back to the task at hand: this stuff is dangerous, so they've got to find the kid before it escalates beyond trapping and second-degree burns. No problem -- what was his name, asks Olivia. Walter thinks for a moment before coming up with it. "I remember! He was Subject Nine!" "Subject Nine"? That's a girl's name! Over to Massive Dynamic now, where Nina is giving a speech about nanotechnology to a bunch of suits in a cinematically lit room. Nice to see that Massive Dynamic is back to being more or less evil; Nina alludes to the concerns about the applications and affects of nanotechnology, and what might be done to mitigate those risks. "This is not Massive Dynamic's concern. We create technology. How it is used is not our concern. We just own the patents," she says. No Oppenheimer-like concerns for Nina. You half-expect to see the actual devil as one of the people listening, rubbing his hands in glee.

Olivia and Astrid show up outside the door of the world-destruction seminar, and then Nina's walking down the hall with them, telling them that the Cortexiphan files were sealed for twenty years. "I'm not even sure if all of them still exist. The files were lost, so to speak," she says. "So to speak?" You're not even trying to not be evil! An angry Walter, listening in, shouts at Astrid that they never destroyed files. "Maybe she did! Viper!" Astrid threatens to turn him off, but he wants Astrid to ask Nina why she destroyed files. Nina, on the other hand, wants Astrid to ask Walter if he remembers what group the boy was in, because that may help. That may help provide information on the files that were, so to speak, "lost"? How does that work? Astrid asks if Walter heard that. He did: "Her voice goes right into my inner ear and rattles around like razor blades. Of course I heard it." Yeah, well, razor blades in the head is probably another Cortexiphan side effect. We're cut off from hearing him tell Nina to go fuck herself, which Astrid translates as, "He said that he is not sure, but thank you for the suggestion." Nina doesn't for one second buy that Walter said "thank you" to her.

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