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I Sting the Body Electric

At Cameron's apartment, there's no response when Olivia knocks on the door. While Walter babbles on about all the legal ways in which they can try to track him down, Olivia wordlessly pulls out her FBI-issue lock-picking set and goes to work. "Can we do that?" asks Walter. "Do what? We got here, and the door was unlocked," says Olivia, opening the door and walking in. Breakin' the law! Breakin' the law! Walter's positively giddy at the thought.

Inside, Olivia starts going through the mail and is INSTANTLY prepared to give up because it's addressed to "Mark Little." Some slick investigative skills goin' on here. "Cameron James must have moved on," she says, but Walter, looking around, notes that nothing in the place is metal. Well, except for the door and the lock, at least.

Then the landlady -- or a very vigilant member of the apartment's neighborhood watch -- comes in and wants to know what they're doing. Olivia flashes her ID and says they're looking for Mark Little. "You wouldn't happen to know where we could find him?" she asks. The landlady asks if he's in trouble. "He looked like the sort who could get into all sorts of trouble," she says. Uh, black? Come on, lady. It's 2011. Walter introduces himself and makes sexagenarian bedroom eyes at her, softening her up, and she says Mark will back in the morning -- he drives a supply truck for a furniture company back and forth to Maine. "At least that's what he says he does. You never can tell with people," she says. Plus -- since they tracked Cameron James to this apartment, doesn't that mean he changed his name since he moved in here? You'd think that might have come up.

So anyway, at the hotel, Walter marvels that they're paying two-hundred dollars a night for a hotel room that's a "veritable Petri dish". He plays it off like he's joking, but he's clearly uncomfortable. "I can't imagine what I would see with a black light. Or worse, I can imagine," he says. He does look afraid to touch anything.

Olivia ignores his concerns and shows him the remote control for the curtains and the television, like that's supposed to be marvelous to him or something. Apparently Belly would be delighted. It was something they used to argue about: "At what point does technology outpace its usefulness?" he says. Man, traveling with Walter must be exhausting. Olivia's not really up for any philosophical debate and says she's going to try to get some sleep. She asks if she can get Walter a glass of water. "Do you have any idea how many viruses a simple water glass can carry?" he asks. That would be a "no" to the offer of a glass of water, then. Olivia says she'll be right next door if he needs her.

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