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I Sting the Body Electric

As he's saying this, things click into place for Olivia, and she says that's why he left the lab: to prove he's capable. Walter concedes that tonight hasn't been his "strongest showing," which I hope means that the damage to the hotel room will come off his paycheck instead of being passed on to the taxpayer.

Olivia says he needs to understand that whatever decision she makes, she's only trying to do what's best. "What's best for whom, Agent Dunham?" he says. Don't be shitty, Walter.

Olivia furrows her brow, but before she can answer, a spoon starts to vibrate and then zips off the table. The other people in the diner are somewhat concerned by the giant blue ball of energy that's coalescing inside the restaurant, but it's worse for Walter and Olivia, because it's blocking their exit. Fortunately, Olivia's gun plus front plate-glass window equals emergency exit, and the two of them rush outside.

Olivia steps backward, staring at the big-and-getting-bigger energy ball as it moves towards her, not really aware that she's stepping out into the street. She's about to be hit by a car, but -- cars have metal in them! -- the car swerves toward the energy field and hits it, causing it to dissipate.

It's well into daylight and things are still getting cleaned up on the street, apparently. Olivia's getting her makeup touched up by a paramedic and then she goes to talk to a Lieut. Daniels (first name Jack, I hope I hope), who gets to be not so much Bad Cop as Gruff Cop. He's pissed because she's "the Fed" who has been pulling rank on his officers, it seems, and he has no idea what the hell's going on. "I got eyewitnesses reporting something that nobody seems to be able to explain. I got a federal agent firing shots in public -- that's you. I got a car that ran into a wall of blinding light," he says. Olivia says she doesn't know what's up, and now she's pulling rank on him too, saying they're going to need the case files, witness statements and security footage from above the cash register. Since law-enforcement types love ceding jurisdictional authority, he agrees with no argument, right? Ha ha! Not having a ton of time to dance, Olivia just shows him a piece of paper, saying she thinks it's all he'll need: "The name at the top is my division chief, Philip Broyles, and below that, his boss. I'm sure you'll recognize that name." Is it God? I bet it's God. I don't see Broyles answering to anyone else. And then off goes Gruff Cop Daniels with oddly meaty twenty-second role.

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