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I Sting the Body Electric

Then he starts talking about the last date he went on, like Walter and Olivia want to hear about his sex life, and he says he said something stupid, and he realized that she thought it was stupid, and all the metal fillings are being pulled out of her mouth. Hmm. Makes dating hard, I'll concede. But I can see it coming in handy during breakups.

Olivia asks why he changed his name, what he's hiding from. "If I was hiding, I would've moved," he says. Turns out Cameron James was the name of his father, who signed his kid up for the experiments and made his son use his dad's name so Dad could access the trust fund. "He took money from you so you could pump me full of drugs, then turned around and spent it on drugs himself," says Cameron, who didn't want to share a name with someone like that.

Anyway Cameron wishes that Walter had at least left him with the power so he could at least have been useful in some way. Or, you know, failing that, been left alone to have a normal life with normal friends (conveniently forgetting the fact that his father was a fraudster junkie). Walter quietly apologizes and says he never meant to harm Cameron, who stares at him. Anxiety growing! The mailbox doors in the lobby start flapping open and shut. Well, they'd be locked, though, wouldn't they? Anyway, the energy ball materializes and starts moving towards them. "I have nothing to do with this!" says Cameron, and when the energy gets closer, he starts yelling, "Nooooooo!" which I normally appreciate but I generally prefer it be accompanied by someone jumping clear of an explosion or jumping in the path of a bullet to save someone else.

Anyway, the energy vanishes again. Cameron stopped it. "Walter, if he isn't doing this, what is?" asks Olivia, frightened. By this point I'd really like to know what Cameron's neighbors think about everything going on just outside their doors. Nobody comes out to investigate. Hey, is this Kitty Genovese's old neighborhood?

Commercial break, and then Olivia and Walter are in Cameron's apartment trying to figure out what to do next. Cameron doesn't at first believe Walter when he says he doesn't know what the thing is and why it's coming after Olivia, but Walter's sadness and pathetic-ness convinces him. "You're not at all like I remember you. What happened to you?" It's like he'd prefer it if Walter was still in young Mad Scientist mode.

Walter just keeps absorbing the blows, and Olivia tries a little tenderness and says he must be able to think of something, and after a moment he wonders if the electromagnetism isn't the root cause but a side effect of field distortions in time. "If Cameron's reflexive magnetic discharge dispersed the energy event, then this thing, whatever it is, does not create magnetic fields. It distorts those that already exist around us, focusing them, maybe tearing them open..." By this point Cameron's looking at these two like, "Yeah, I just got in from work, and I'm really tired, sooooo..." but Walter and Olivia don't care. Walter figures the thing will keep coming back until it's demolished, growing so big that it will consume everything in its path. Olivia wants to know how they stop it, and Walter says if they gather a large enough field to neutralize the electromagnetism, it should shatter it -- and that's something only Cameron can do.

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