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lds, you'll have your team back very soon," he says, and then he tells Broyles that he knows what it's like to lose a son, and how even when they come back, the damage is irreparable. Well, thanks for the cheery little visit, Walternate.

In the situation room, alt-Charlie is yelling at everybody that they need a lead, because it's been eighteen hours since Max Clayton went missing. "That gives us until tomorrow night to find him," he bellows. Olivia says that she remembers reading about this, but what she read never said what he did to these kids: "It's like they've had the life drained out of them," she says. So she knows she's Olivia, but is still retaining Fauxlivia's memories? Is that how this works?

Lee lists some of the problems: "Acute deterioration of organ tissue, depleted immune systems. Some of the kids even came back with cancer." Olivia asks about some incisions on the back of a victim's neck, and Lee says it's the posterior cerebral cortex. "From that point on the body, you can access the spine," he says.

Bad-Astrid provides her analysis, noting that the abductions appear to be random, happening ever two years, always children ages seven to nine. "They are taken, then released forty-eight hours later with massive internal degradation. The victims describe the suspect as a male, age unknown. In the majority of cases, other than a shaved head, there's no physical description given, because he wore a mask."

Olivia wants to know what "in the majority of cases" means, and I'm kind of surprised that Bad-Astrid didn't respond "in more cases than not" but instead she says that two of the victims reported being held captive by two suspects, one young and one old. Olivia angrily wants to know why the profile hasn't been expanded to look for two suspects, and Alt-Charlie says that the kids were really scared and there were a lot of inconsistencies, which isn't quite the same as "we're not sure kids that age could count to two," and Olivia asks Bad-Astrid to bring up the bios of the two kids who reported two captors, who turn out to be Amanda Holt, and Christopher Broyles. Judging from everyone's reaction, it doesn't take Olivia long to make the connection, and she says they should reinterview Christopher. Lee tells her it's not a good idea. "You weren't here when it happened. Broyles is ... protective." The way he pauses before saying "protective" makes it clear that "protective" means "likely to murder you where you stand." Olivia thinks they should at least try, but Alt-Charlie warns her not to.

Which of course means that she marches right up to Col. Broyles' office. It almost looks like he was waiting for her. She doesn't waste any time beating around the bush, telling him flat-out that she would like to re-interview his son. Broyles is all, "Ex-CUSE me?" Like if your co-worker were to nonchalantly inform you that he'd like to have sex with your wife, this is the kind of incredulous I-assume-you-didn't-actually-say-what-it-sounded-like-you-said "ex-CUSE me?" you'd give.

She reminds him that Christopher reported being held by two men. If it's true, he might remember other things about this guy that could help the investigation. Broyles gives her a lengthy speech about how his son went through something no child ever should. "And when he came home, I had to ask him questions about it, going over the details again and again, forcing him to relive it, when all he wanted to do was forget. And for what? I didn't solve the case. And I didn't help my little boy sleep at night."

Olivia says she's sure he did his best, but if she speaks to Christopher, maybe she could get more out of him. Kind of surprised Broyles didn't take her head off for that. Instead, he just half-smiles and says, "I'm his father." Olivia says that might be the problem: "Maybe there are some things that you don't want to hear," she says. OK, now he's pissed. He stands up gets right into Olivia's personal space and tells her, "My son's condition since he was taken has deteriorated so rapidly that he'll be lucky if he makes it to his eighteenth birthday." Right now, it looks like Olivia herself would be lucky to make it to her next birthday. Broyles adds that what little childhood Christopher has left, he intends to protect. God love Olivia, she presses on: "I get that. But Christopher's childhood is not the only one at stake right now." Broyles spends the next moment or so grinding his teeth together and possible regretting the glass walls of his office, and winds up dismissing her.

And there's poor little Max Clayton, lying on a bed in a room with the windows boarded up. In comes Destro, wearing the silver mask, offering Max a candy. Max turns it down. "I don't feel good. I want to go home," he says. His kidnapper -- whose voice sounds much more youthful this time -- recites the little speech about the cleansing fire and the spring of new life. Shoulda taken the candy, kid. As Destro leaves, we see a mechanical device clamped on the back of Max's neck.

Over to Glen Cove -- Jesus, Col. Broyles lives in some kind of hillside compound. His son, with unseeing milky eyes, listens to a classic Shadow radio broadcast, while Col. Broyles goes into the kitchen to kiss his wife hello. She tells him there's been a police officer parked out front all afternoon. "So it's true? The Candyman's back?" she asks. Broyles says yes.

Diane (played by the same woman who played Diane in the other universe, for the record), trying not to get upset, asks her husband if he thinks the Candyman will come back here. "No. It's just for my peace of mind," says Broyles, sounding sincere. He asks after Christopher, and Diane says he's scared, with the story about the missing boy being all over the news. While she gets him something to eat, he tells her Olivia wanted to re-interview Chris. "She thinks there may be some detail he's forgotten. I told her it was a waste of time," he says. Diane says she always liked Olivia: "She seems very smart," she adds, pointedly. Any married man watching this knew right then that Olivia was going to get to interview Christopher. Broyles knows it too, even if he doesn't know he knows it. He just ignores her to take a big pull on his beer, and then just says he's going to go put Christopher to bed. "He's a strong boy, Philip. Strong enough to talk about it, even if you're not," she calls after him. You're never going to believe this, but that doesn't get a response either.

Back in the situation room, Lee brings Olivia some Red Vines, which are apparently new in this universe. They didn't have liquorice over here? What the hell, alt-universe?

Anyway, Olivia's mind is working a mile-a-minute on this one, and she lays out her theory: the kids' afflictions upon return are all also symptomatic with old age. Aging has to do with the pituitary gland, which can be accessed through the back of the neck. Two of the victims saw two suspects, one old and one new, but never both at the same time: "What if there was only one person, who was literally changing from old to young? What if the Candyman is stealing youth?" To his credit, Lee doesn't tell her that she's crazy, but acknowledges that, theoretically, concentrated pituitary hormones could be processed to accelerate healing and maybe even reverse aging. "But if it's true, it would also cause some serious side effects," he said. "Anemia, tremors, hypoglycemia." Olivia says, "High blood sugar? High enough that he could secrete sugar in his sweat?" but before she can get all "told you so" on Lee, her phone rings. She listens, and says she'll be there.

And now she's over at Broyles' place, where Diane welcomes her, saying Chris is looking forward to meeting her, and Broyles mostly avoids getting in the way. Olivia goes in to meet Chris, who holds out his hand in her general direction. He is actually thrilled to meet her, and wants to know if it's true that she saved a schoolbus full of kids from a "Class 3 vortex," and Olivia shrugs and says she was just doing her job. Anyway, he knows she wants to have a chat about the man who took him

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