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Tanks for the Memories
he finds a curtain covering a hidden door in a closet. On the other side is a hidden room, filled with gadgets and scribbled walls ... and then weak little Max, lying on the bed. She goes to him and tells him, "I'm with the FBI. Are you OK?" she says, and I have to confess that her saying "I'm with the FBI" didn't twig with me at all the first time.

Anyway, she's just noticed the pituitary-sucker on the back of his head when Toomy charges in with a sawed-off shotgun, but he probably ought to have come in more ready to fire, because Olivia pumps several bullets into him, killing him. And then it's time to hug and comfort Max.

After the commercial break, as Fringe agents swarm all over the house, Broyles stares at Toomy's dead body as Olivia says the super said Wyatt Toomy had been living there for almost nine years. Kept to himself, always paid his rent a week in advance.

Alt-Charlie calls the two of them into the other room, where Toomy's got a mad-scientist setup of a crazy contraptions with beakers and flasks and test-tubes, and Lee says it looks like Olivia was right: "Seems he was making some kind of age-regression serum. He was extracting hormones from the kids and giving them to himself." He hands over Toomy's Show-Me card, which features a 70-year-old Wyatt Toomy. "Your son was right. There was a young and an old suspect. It's just that they were the same man," says Olivia. I can understand jumping to that conclusion. It's just that it's dangerous to make assumptions, especially when Alt-Charlie asks a relevant question -- "This guy worked in sanitation. How'd he figure out how to do all this?" -- that no one seems to give more than a passing thought.

Anyway, Broyles solemnly tells Olivia that he won't forget what she did here, and then Lee asks her to join Charlie and him for a beer: "We get a lot of bad days. We got to celebrate the good ones," he says, but she demurs and says she's going home.

God, Olivia lives at the Red Hook Marina over here? That's rough. Oh, wait. Never mind. She's just meeting Henry, who chides her for being nineteen minutes late, adding that he was going to leave in just one more minute. Olivia looks at the rickety boat and asks if he really thinks if it's going to take them across the harbour. "Don't worry about the boat. Worry about the patrols around that island," he tells her, and she tells him that she knows she's asking a lot, so he can back out if he wants to, but he just wants to get it over with.

"You want me to cast us off?" asks Olivia, only Henry has no idea what she's talking about, and she realizes he's never done this before, which he cops to, eventually: "Water scares the hell out of me," he says, but then adds that his cousin ran him through everything he needs to know. Olivia's not convinced, but then something else occurs to her. "Someone had to teach you how to do it," she says, and Henry gets a little defensive, but she's not really talking about him at this point.

From his office, Col. Broyles leaves a message for his wife on voicemail, and then immediately answers his phone, thinking it's her. But it's Olivia (so good thing he didn't make his voice go TOO sexy), still dockside, telling him that she thinks they were wrong: "Wyatt Toomy was not a scientist. He needed someone to show him how to make the serum," she says, and I hate to think that Broyles is dumb enough to say, "Who?" but he does and Olivia says that Reverend Marcus was a doctor, and this is how he's been healing his congregation. Broyles is all "dear God" and then he's up and going, because Reverend Marcus knows Chris can identify the voices, and now Diane isn't picking up the phone.

Olivia says she'll meet him there, and then pleads with Henry to wait for her while she goes and does something. He does NOT seem pleased about it.

Over at the Broyles compound, Christopher's awakened to the sound of his mother screaming, which is understandable since she's being chloroformed by a masked Reverend Marcus.

Once she's knocked out, Toomy starts wandering the house, looking for Chris, who has ditched his bed and is now hiding inside a cabinet. Unfortunately, the front design features hundreds of quarter-sized holes. Still, it's dark, and Marcus seems not to notice on his first pass, and maybe he's too distracted by all the stuff he's yakking about. "God wants me to find you. I'm simply carrying out his plan," he says, and suddenly he yanks open the cabinet and grabs a screaming Chris, who struggles, refusing to let Marcus chloroform him. And then Broyles is there, and he coolly fires off a shot, dropping Marcus like a sack of potatoes, and then Chris runs into his dad's arms and they hug tightly. Broyles smiles. Behind them, out of focus, Olivia walks in, hopefully not pissed that she didn't even need to be there.

So then everyone's laughing and haven't a grand old time at the hospital, with Olivia, smiling, watching the Broyleses (?) -- including a now-conscious Diane -- laugh with each other while a nurse tends to Chris.

She gets a call from an anxious Henry and tells him she'll be there in fifteen minutes, and then she's approached by Max's mom, who says the doctors think they got to Max just in time. "Now, he hasn't been able to stop talking about you," she says. I bet! She says it would mean a lot if she could stop in and say hello, so Olivia does that, visiting a thrilled Max.

She tells him he's a brave kid. "Not as brave as you," she tells him, and then she's taken aback when he asks her what "FBI" means. "Where'd you hear that?" she asks. "You said it when you saved me, remember? You said you were FBI," he reminds her. A rattled Olivia says, "FBI is just another word for police," and Max says that when he grows up, he wants to be FBI too. She tells him to get some rest, and then she turns and sees Broyles staring hard at her from the doorway. She says goodbye to Max, and then strolls with Broyles down the hall. He tells her that his wife and son are going to be fine, and doctors are going to have a look at Toomy's serum, since it may have some healing potential for Chris and the other victims. Olivia continues to dance around the elephant in the room until Broyles stops her and tells her, "The FBI ceased to exist over a decade ago. At least, on this side it did." She stares at him as he adds, "You know who you are, don't you?" She quietly asks him what happens now. He gives her a good long look and finally says, "Now ... I'm going home."

Olivia watches him as he walks past her to be with his family, but a moment later when he looks up, she's already gone.

Then she and Henry pilot the ridiculously rickety, loud Sally up to the shore at the laughably security-lax Liberty Island, and she tells him to "stick to the same bearings" on his way out and he won't run into any of the other patrols. "What makes you so sure?" he says. "Because I memorized the routes when I escaped from here," she says, and I find it hard to believe that the patrols have any sort of "route" other than "circling the island" but whatever, and then she thanks Henry, not just for helping her but for believing in her, like this is turning into some cheesy CĂ©line Dion song or something. "You got me all the way the hell out here. You might as well tell me, where is it you're from?" he says. "I'm from a parallel universe," she says, and then dives into the water, leaving a perplexed Henry staring after her, while searchlights actually SWEEP OVER THE BOAT a couple of times. Seriously, is security even trying?

And then there's Olivia scaling the sea wall, and then there's Olivia climbing over the chain link fence, and then -- oh, all right, Olivia's now just INSIDE this top secret building somehow, and now she's using her key card to get into the lab. Which apparently triggers a silent alarm, because Walternate gets a call while he's sitting in the back of a chauffeured car, telling him that there's been a security breach. "Someone's accessed the lab on Liberty Island." Olivia, however, doesn't seem to be aware there's any problem - she types a coup

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