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Olivia's got a picture taken from the security camera -- one of those cameras that take ridiculously grainy pictures that are about as easy to read as ultrasounds -- and shows Walter a picture of Mr. Scowly outside the lab. Walter, showing off what a genius he is, thinks something bad has happened. Olivia says they think this guy abducted Peter. Walter's worried that Peter will lead Scowly to the thing. Also, he COULD HURT HIM, Walter! "Did you tell him where you put it?" asks Olivia. "No, of course not. I don't need to," says Walter.

Scowly asks Peter where the cylinder is. Peter says he has no idea, and wouldn't tell Scowly even if he did. Just because the guy's strapped you down and is inflicting incredible pain is no reason to be a jerk, Peter. Scowly cocks his head, listening. "But you just did tell me. Your father hid it, but you don't know where." Peter manages to convey "huh?" along with "OHMIGOD THIS HURTS" and Scowly says, "And yes, to answer your question, when this is over, I just might kill you. Depends on a few things." Then he asks Scowly when the last time his father kissed him was. "I think that's your lamest question yet," says Peter, which prompts Scowly to crank a dial again. Peter looks like he's simultaneously passing a kidney stone, delivering a baby, and having his urethra cleaned with a toothbrush. And not even a soft toothbrush, but one of the hard ones with knobby rubber things. And it's kind of stiff from old toothpaste, too. Whatever Scowly did, it seems to do the trick, as he says "Good," and then tells Peter to think of a happy time with his father, before his father went to the institution. "A time when you still believed that your father loved you." More pain from Peter, and then Scowly appears to push a button and ease it. "Aside from the car and your old house, did your father have any other hiding places?" Peter's eyes have rolled up back in his head like a cartoon character hit with a frying pan. Scowly's in the midst of yelling the question again when he stops, listens. "Thank you. You just told me where the cylinder is."

It's dark, and Scowly is driving down some country roads in a part of Massachusetts (I presume) that oddly enough doesn't have giant floating letters telling you where you are. He stops the car near a graveyard, fetches Peter from the trunk, and starts walking among the tombstones, until they come to one marked "Robert Bishop: Aug. 21, 1912-Dec. 11, 1944." "Shame you never met him," says Scowly. Peter looks thoroughly spent, but still musters up enough energy for an eye roll. Scowly leads Peter around to the back of the tombstone, where there's some freshly turned dirt. He hands Peter a shovel and tells him to dig.

And here comes the cavalry! Well, it's Olivia, but I'm sure she's brought lots of -- no, it's just Olivia. Peter's dug up the vibrator, and an excited Scowly picks it up and, hearing Olivia approach, takes off running. Olivia's not exactly going for stealth here, what with her industrial-strength flashlight (more like a floodlight) lighting up the forest. She comes up on Peter, who's using the shovel to saw through the rope binding his hands. He tells her where Scowly went, and warns her he's got a gun.

She gives chase, and she and Scowly trade rounds, with Olivia managing to clip him. Scowly stumbles and drops the cylinder, and ducks behind some cover. He fires a couple more shots at Olivia and then makes a break for it, leaving the cylinder behind. Olivia fires again and drops him. Ignoring the cylinder for now, Olivia checks on Scowly, who has checked out, with a smirk on his face. Behind her, the vibrator starts to hum, and the blue light courses along its spiral groove. There's a bright flash and a kind of drilling sound, and when Olivia looks, there's a crater where the vibrator used to be, smoke and fading light emanating from a perfectly circular hole in the ground. And in the bushes nearby, Baldy watches. He speaks into his phone: "Departure on schedule."

And then Peter jumps him from behind. He pops up again, like those inflatable punching dummies that taught me invaluable lessons about beating on people. It's Peter's turn to ask the questions now! He asks who Baldy is and what the cylinder is, and Baldy just cocks his head, like observing a new species: "The bloody-nosed douchebag is aggressive in nature. Watch out for his cutting remarks." Then Baldy starts speaking the same words as Peter, at the same time, or close enough. It's like that drama warm-up exercise where you and a partner try to say the same thing without knowing what you're going to say. Only they're really good at it. Peter's freaked out, so he throws in a curveball: "Apples. Bananas. Rhinoceros. I wanna hold your hand. Lucy in the sky with diamonds." Baldy nails it, and then continues on without Peter saying anything. "Do you really know my father? Did you talk to him this afternoon? Were you his friend?" Peter stares at him. Then Baldy lifts up a gun and pulls the trigger, but instead of a regular flash or Scowly's light-gun flash, there's kind of a whiny-whooshy sound, and Peter crumples to the ground.

After the commercial break, Peter stirs, and sits up, clutching his stomach. He struggles to his feet, and spots Olivia strolling back. The two of them lock eyes, clearly thinking, Well, that could have gone better.

Walter's playing with Dixie cups when Charlie comes in to tell Walter that Peter's fine, albeit with a minor concussion. "I'll take you back to your hotel," says Charlie. Because ... it's now OK somehow that Walter INJECTED ASTRID IN THE NECK and stole the mysterious cylinder? Walter says there's something he'd like to do before he goes back to the hotel.

Astrid's working in a room full of FBI agents as Walter approaches. She looks up, sees him, and puts her head back down. "What I did to you was very untrustworthy of me. I never intended to harm you. I was simply doing what was necessary to protect us all." She doesn't say anything to this, which is all bullshit anyway. I mean, she and Peter were helping him move the thing because someone was coming for it. So he sends Peter on a fool's errand and then knocks Astrid out and LEAVES HER THERE with a maniac on the way. I don't blame Astrid for freezing him out. Walter tries to joke that if it would help her feel any better, she could inject him, but he'd most likely enjoy it. Astrid says nothing. Well, that's all the material Walter's got, so he dejectedly turns to Charlie and they leave. Astrid glances up to watch him go. Don't forgive him! You know what they say: "Incapacitate me with a syringe to the neck once, shame on you. Incapacitate me with a syringe to the neck twice, shame on me."

Olivia shows up at the hospital to visit Peter and runs into Broyles, who asks if she's all right. She asks him if they found the cylinder. Broyles says they dug up the hole and got nothing, and they're going to bring in an excavator, but he figures they're not going to find anything. They did ID the shooter, though: John Mosley, wanted for a double-homicide in Seattle last month and a few drug-related felonies before that. "Seattle. Came a long way to get that thing," says Olivia. "Another in a long line of questions," says Broyles, politely not pointing out that if Olivia had been a better shot, maybe they could be questioning Mosley now.

Olivia spots Peter over at the nurses' station, and Broyles says he'd better get back, kind of in an awkward "I'll leave you two alone" kind of way. So she strolls over and asks if he's ready to get out of there. His chest is bandaged and his face is bruised. He walks with her and babbles about how he always thought the Pattern that Broyles talked about was nonsense. "Inexplicable things happen every day. It does not mean that there's any deeper significance." But he tells her that Baldy was inside his head, and knew his thoughts, and seemed to know Peter, and he can't explain any of that. Olivia looks at him like he's crazy, and says she didn't see anyone. So, he didn't mention Baldy back at the graveyard? Huh? "What if Walter's right? W

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