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Am I Hot or Nazi?
yells for a medic. The groom's dropped his inhaler; Peter grabs it and they put it in his mouth, but it's too late. The guy dies right there. So just like any normal wedding day, amirite? See, the fellas know what I'm talking about!

Back at Walter's Harvard lab, he and Astrid mull over the fact that all fifteen victims were blood relatives, the direct descendents of Eva Staller. "And anyone not related to her survived, along with one grandchild who I think might be illegitimate," says Astrid. "Therefore, not a blood relative, or I suspect he would have perished too," says Walter.

Walter cuts into the torso of one of the victims, and blue blood spills out of the wound. Walter even gets Astrid ("Ostrich") to confirm the colour because he thinks he's imagining it. "Something has bonded with the hemoglobin in the blood, changing its colour and robbing the body of oxygen. I believe these people literally suffocated from the inside out."

He takes the groom's inhaler and sucks on it, much to Astrid's horror, since she thinks that might be what killed the groom. Terrible theory, unless Astrid figures everyone there sucked on the inhaler. Walter has surmised that the inhaler kept him alive longer than the others by weakening the toxin. "That still leaves the how: how was the toxin delivered?"

So Fringe is talking to Mrs. Staller while Peter wanders around smelling candles, as you do, and Fringe asks Mrs. Staller, who was in charge of the guest list, if she noticed anyone who shouldn't have been at the wedding. She didn't, but she doesn't know the bride's entire family. She does note that her mother-in-law was upset with someone earlier. "I thought she was just having a moment," says Mrs. Staller, who I'm surprised isn't catatonic after what happened today. She says she can try to identify him from the wedding video, and then she calls over to Peter that the candles are jasmine, picked out by Shelley, representing happiness and love. And finally she can't handle it anymore and excuses herself, saying she'll help with the video.

Peter brings over a beige candle that he was smelling earlier, as opposed to the rest of the candles, which are white. "She just said all the rest of the candles in this place are jasmine, right?" he asks Fringe. Well, no: what she said was that the candle you were sniffing at that moment was jasmine, but whatever. You've found a cinnamon candle, and since it would be normal to assume that all the other candles in the house were destroyed to make way for the jasmine ones, I can see why that would seem so odd.

So Peter's brought the candle back to Walter's lab, where he shaves a piece of the candle off and gives it to Peter to put in the spectrometer. For some reason he's really impatient, and Walter remarks that his mother always used to say Peter had "ants in [his] pants" and I only mention it now in case later it turns out that that's how Peter (pre-clone Peter) DIED or something.

Meanwhile, Olivia (never mind about the "Fringe" thing. It's out of my system. Plus, I keep forgetting!) and Astrid are looking at the wedding video, at the man who Mrs. Staller identified. Astrid can't get it much better than blurry, but they're uploading it to the Joint Law Enforcement Database to see if they get a hit.

And Peter gets a hit on his Bat-spectrometer already, and Walter comes over to have a look at some graphs on the screen, and determines that the candle contained a toxin, which appears to be a variant of hydrogen cyanide: "The candle would suggest that it was activated by heat, and then dispersed into the air." Olivia wants to know, if that's the case, why it only killed some of the guests, which Walter calls a "good question" and then he ponders it for a while.

Then he connects the dots -- chemical weapons, death by asphyxiation -- and comes up with the Nazis. Olivia's all, "The Nazis?" and Walter says the Nazis were scientific pioneers who tried to advance every branch of science, and worked on projects like molecular bombs, flying saucers, eternal youth. "Before DNA was even discovered, Josef Mengele wanted to create a weapon capable of targeting specific victims, a weapon capable of picking people out in a crowd, just like what happened here." Olivia points out that Nana was a Holocaust survivor, but Walter doesn't know yet if that's relevant, but he's also not convinced that this was just a simple murder: "A wedding is the perfect laboratory. You have your target group, the Stallers, and you have your control group, everyone else." He thinks it might be a science experiment, which Olivia seems to be incredulous about (even though on the very first episode, did Broyles not talk about the Pattern as though it were a series of experiments?), and Walter says, "A scientist always tries to recreate his results. If I'm right, this will happen again."

So then we're in what is ostensibly a coffee shop, because there is a mother and her young daughter ordering a soy latte, an orange juice, and yogurts, and I say "ostensibly" because the walls behind the cashier are lined with booze, including Kahlua, Malibu rum, Jagermeister and tequila, like WHAT KIND OF COFFEE SHOP IS THIS, and then the creepy obviously-a-Nazi guy is next in line and he orders a cup of tea (asking the cashier to pick the flavour) and tells her a couple of times to make sure the water is very hot, and the waitress is all "sure thing" instead of "Oh, hot water for tea? Never heard of it."

And then the daughter at her table is complaining to her mom about her teacher making them take a nap after lunch, and the mom suggests Jordan needs time to get her energy back. Jordan says, "I think Mrs. Greenwalt is the one who's sleepy," and then the Nazi sits down and tells Jordan's mom that her daughter is very smart, and next thing you know Jordan's mom is talking about how they're thinking of skipping her up a grade, and I'd like to send her to STFU, Parents for saying "yeah, she is" instead of "thank you" when accepting a compliment on behalf of her daughter. Anyway, the dude pulls a vial of liquid from his pocket and dumps it in his VERY HOT tea, as he says, "Yeah, well, don't be in too much of a hurry. Soon all you will have are pictures." Jordan's mom says it smells good and asks if it's cinnamon. The Nazi says, "Something like that," and the tea starts to bubble. It's fantastic that he's one of those villains that doesn't worry about attracting attention with strange behaviour and odd statements, isn't it?

After the commercial break, Broyles is leading the Fringe team through the crime scene, explaining that there were nine victims, who suffocated just like the wedding in Brookline. And none of the victims were related, so Peter figures that Walter might have to rework his genetics theory -- except, and I'm no geneticist, but wouldn't Peter realize that non-related people can share genetic traits that a genetic-specific toxin could target? If I'm wrong about that, someone with better scientific knowledge please explain it to me, because since that turns out to be exactly what happened, I'm confused as to why Peter is now dismissing genetics as a possibility.

Anyway, Olivia's asking if there were any surveillance cameras, and there weren't, which Broyles suspects might be why the suspect chose the place, and I'd like to point out that if he's super-concerned about not being filmed, it was really smart of him to hang out AT THE WEDDING WHERE HE KILLED FIFTEEN PEOPLE, because how often do you see cameras at weddings?

There aren't any candles at the café, so Peter asks if there's another way the toxin could be delivered, and Walter says it would simply need a heat source to disperse it. Olivia spots the cup of tea, which Walter says would work if the water was hot enough. Olivia sniffs the cup: cinnamon. The forensics team gets to work on fingerprints.

Meanwhile, Walter is figuring out that all the victims have brown eyes: "That's the common genetic trait. Check the survivors, but I'm sure I'm right. It's a good thing y

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