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I Don't Hear the Train A-Comin'
tle more just-got-out-of-the-shower, and lets Peter in, who immediately starts moaning about Walter apologizing. Peter says he knows it wouldn't take much to make Walter feel better -- a kind word, a few hands of Uno -- but he just can't bring himself to do it. Much more of this, I imagine Fauxlivia's going to get her silenced pistol out, either for Peter or herself.

Instead, she offers some consolation about how this has been hard on Peter, and they can't expect to get back to normal overnight. Peter says he saw first-hand the effects of Walter's incursion into the other universe, the destruction it caused. "Well, he couldn't have known how bad it was going to be," says Fauxlivia, looking like it's eating away at her to say such sympathetic things about the subhumans who live in this universe. And now Peter is whinging about seeing a picture of himself strapped in a doomsday machine, fire shooting out of his eyeballs. "You didn't come here to talk about Walter, did you," says Fauxlivia, because you really don't have to know Peter long to pick up on THAT. Peter starts blabbering about how he's got to figure out his connection to the device. "What if that machine does exactly what Broyles and Walter think it does? Is that my destiny? My fate? Am I supposed to destroy worlds too?" he says, adding that he doesn't want to turn out like Walter.

Olivia's surprised by the continuing non-war-mongeringness of these people. Oh, and the pool of blood starting to spread under the bathroom door, which concerns her as well. What's a cross-universe spy to do? Well, she starts talking about how the last few weeks have been hard on all of them, so there's always the "temporary fix," and Peter's all, "'Temporary fix'?" and Fauxlivia says, "Distraction," and she jumps him. Sexually speaking.

Meanwhile, over in a subway station, Newton sits down on a bench next to a homeless-looking little person who starts eying the box, which Newton has set down beside him. The man asks Newton what it is, and Newton plays coy, all "It's a box," and when pressed for more details blah-blahs about how the "reality would pale in comparison with one's imagination," although the homeless guy doesn't exactly look convinced. And now here's Newton deciding to get up and go to the bathroom, and asks the man to look after the box for him (for "renumeration [sic]," of course).

While Newton strolls up the stairs, clearly never coming back (passing what could be the Observer as he goes), Fauxlivia appears to have decided that sex with Peter would be too much trouble, as it looks like she is now trying to swallow his whole head. Oh, wait, they're just making out while the blood continues to seep across the floor.

Both their cellphones start ringing -- Astrid on Peter's, Broyles on Fauxlivia's. "Well, that can't be a good sign," says Peter.

And the Fringe gang pulls up at the entrance to the Kent Street station, which delights Walter, who tells no one who needs to hear it that he used to frequent a massage parlour there, and then he says, "I used to get off right here," and they can't just trust everyone will get the joke without Peter pointing it out, and between this and Walter's "silent but deadly" routine earlier, no worries about this show getting too highbrow, hey?

Anyway, inside there are a bunch of people sitting and standing, watery blood running down their faces like the people in Milton, and Broyles tells them that security cameras picked up a small man walking into the tunnel carrying a metallic box, and they think that might be what was dug up in the basement there. He also says they've logged into the subway system's computer and stopped all trains going in.

The police captain strolls up to tell them that the bomb squad is ready to go, but disappointingly he's not talking about the hip-hop crew that worked with Public Enemy. Peter gets all jumped-up because the box isn't a bomb and the bomb squad will get killed, and Broyles tells him they need to stop it somehow, since the tunnel leads to another station. So Peter volunteers to go, distressing Walter. Yes, this makes much more sense than using the bomb squad: Peter's just as likely to get killed but has much less experience defusing things.

"This box is our responsibility, Walter. And if I can get in front of it, maybe I can disarm it," says Peter, but Walter says he hasn't had time to devise something to protect him from the sound emissions, and regular ear protection won't work: "The frequencies are ultrasonic. Simple noise cancellation won't work. I'd have to disable all impulses along the cochlear nerve." The police captain is all, "My men are standing by, agents," with the unspoken, " pussies" hanging in the air.

Broyles tells Peter that he has to make a call, but it looks like something's occurred to Walter. "The science is tenuous to say the least," he says, which really could be a promotional tagline for this show. And he asks for Dunham's gun.

Peter zips up into a fancy bomb squad vest, and he asks Walter how long he has. "I don't know. If you can hear us talking, it's too late," says Walter, but, pressed, estimates a maximum of three minutes.

Meanwhile, Fauxlivia is standing behind Peter with ear protection on, holding her gun. She asks if he's ready, and he tells her to do it. He faces her, she holds the gun next to his left ear, and fires. We start getting the pleasant ringing sensation as Peter looks staggered, and he turns around and she fires next to his right ear. He makes the A-OK gesture with his fingers and heads off down the tunnel, in blessed silence for us.

He shines his flashlight along the floor of the tunnel. Ew! Dead rat! A little farther along, Peter finds the homeless guy, sitting against the tunnel wall, chin quivering, head nodding. He could still be alive -- oh, wait, his head just exploded, like the pear of anguish just sprang open. Peter gets over his shock to have a look at the box, next to the homeless guy, open. He grabs it and moves it to the centre of the tunnel. It's now covered in splattered blood and tissue, and the box lid is bent and won't close securely. Still, Peter recognizes the symbols on the box, and he radios back to the Fringe team (not that he can yet hear anything they'd reply): "I know what this is. It's a piece of the weapon. I recognize it from Walternate's blueprints," he says. Broyles is all amazed: "The weapon from the other side? How's that possible?" Because people can cross between universes? I thought we'd established that. Fauxlivia tries not to look too shifty.

After a commercial break, Peter tells them that it looks like the box was soundproof but it won't close anymore, so he's going to try to disarm it. Too bad they didn't deafen a bomb squad guy! So Peter puts clamps here, and cuts there, and he's got some kind of sensor that shows the sound output or whatever.

Back at the platform, Walter starts getting anxious when Peter hasn't checked in for seventy-one seconds, figuring something must have gone wrong. He wants to send someone else in, and Broyles, who just moments ago wanted to send someone else in, says he can't send someone else in.

Then Fauxlivia shushes them because she hears something, and there's another train coming down the tunnel, prompting Broyles to angrily yell into his walkie-talkie that he thought all the trains were stopped, promptly soiling the pants of whoever took the brunt of his fury on the other side. Walter figures the device must have affected the subway's communication system, but Fauxlivia isn't sticking around to listen to the debate. She's off and running down the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Peter's finally made the needle on his Whatever Sensor drop all the way down to zero, so I guess his head won't blow off. He wipes his brow, and then senses something is wrong. He puts his hand on a rail near him, and then presumably feels a vibration because he turns (just as we see Fauxlivia racing towards him) and sees a train just metres away. He freezes up, so it's a good thing Fauxlivia was there to grab him and

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