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Peter's hard at work burrowing in the amber when he's startled by something behind him. It turns out to be nothing, at least not at first, but now he's enough on edge that when Walter actually does show up behind, he's lucky Peter didn't put a bullet in his forehead. "You need your rest, son," says Walter, who seems to be in the kind of good mood that usually means he has recently ingested recreational drugs. Peter explains that he's going after another tape, and wonders what's Walter's excuse is for being up so late. "I believe I have an idea about how we can find our friend September," says Walter. The memories that Michael showed him are in Walter's subconscious, so it's time to get in the sensory deprivation tank!

Cut to the team turning knobs and plugging in whatsits, with Walter already in the tank. Olivia opens the doors to check on him, only to be startled when she spots Walter's trunks floating by his head. Walter, as you might imagine, is completely unapologetic, saying his body needs to be as free as his mind if this is going to work, and he hands a discombobulated Olivia his sodden trunks. Come on, Olivia! By this point I'm pretty sure she's seen him naked a few times, so she must be desensitized to his old-man penis already.

Walter relaxes, starts flashing through the memories, while the team does the thrilling work of monitoring his vital signs. Oops, his blood pressure is up! In his mind, Walter's in a sunlit room that includes a Victrola. "Incredible. I'm here," he whispers. It's the same apartment from the flashes Michael showed him.

Peter asks him if he can see anything that might identify where the apartment is. Walter moves toward a motionless September -- remarking that he looks nothing like his usual self. It's true; I wouldn't have been able to identify this guy as September. Hair and eyebrows do wonders for a person!

Peter asks if there are any windows. There are, and Walter goes to them, looking out and describing the water and skyscrapers. The sky is almost blindingly bright, so the skyline is indistinct. Peter asks if it's New York, and with much squinting, Walter can see the Empire State building literally materialize. More comes into view; he appears to be under a bridge.

With Walter out (and thankfully wearing a robe), Astrid's looking at a map and theorizing that, from the view Walter described, he was in a building in Brooklyn near where the Williamsburg Bridge used to be (damn Observers!). So if September's still alive, that's likely where they're going to find him. Walter confidently says September is still alive, based on nothing more than his own optimism.

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