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He shows Walter the envelope that contained the drawing of the white tulip, all those years ago. Walter's face lights up, but he's crestfallen to find that the envelope is now empty. "I could use that tulip right now," he says, and September says he doesn't know what Walter did with it; only Walter would know that. So September is arguably shaking Walter's faith in God and he got Walter worked up about the tulip only to disappoint him? Good morale boost there, September.

Outside, Peter seems surprised that all the tech September needed to retrieve is in one little box. "Is that it?" he says. "You say that as though we're not carrying technology that can bend space and time into a Möbius strip," says September. Listen, guy! The Fringers have gathered together weird rocks, a huge electromagnet, a radio from a pocket universe AND YOUR SON and all you've got is this little box, so cut Peter some slack!

Anyway, September says he's not coming with them, since he's got a few more things to pick up for the plan -- I hope beer is on the list because I imagine saving the world is going to be thirsty work -- and he crouches in front of Michael and they touch each other's palms again. September promises Michael he'll see him again, and the fact that September feels the need to make such a promise ought to be enough for Michael to realize that a reunion isn't exactly a given. September reluctantly walks away, and Michael takes a few steps after him.

So back to the lab, Olivia lamenting that she used to love Brooklyn. Yeah, I think Earth in general used to be better. They run into a checkpoint that Olivia complains wasn't there on their way in. I'm no Loyalist, but I'm not surprised that maybe they're not exactly sending out checkpoint update on Twitter so everyone has plenty of warning. So they pull off into an alley and call Astrid to save their asses again by hacking into live camera feeds in the area. Astrid does so, and reports that a perimeter is being set up all around them. "There's no way out," she says. Well, not with that attitude!

Peter and Walter unload the back of the van, with Walter fretting about whether the Observers found September. He doesn't want to leave September, but Peter says they don't have a choice. Meanwhile, Olivia's back on the phone with Astrid, who says she thinks she's found a hole in the perimeter, but they have to move quickly, and she relays the directions to the nearest stop, where there doesn't seem to be any activity.

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