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"This discovery was the catalyst of the creation of the beings that you called 'Observers,'" says September, and it started a chain reaction that saw more and more human emotions sacrificed to increase brain power. We watch At first it was just negative ones -- like anger, greed and aggression -- but soon humanity became so intelligent and efficient that it lost perspective on the value of not only those emotions but even of positive ones. We watch in the future as a test tube baby grows from a little piece o' popcorn to a full-grown human -- the test tube discreetly frosted to obscure the humanoid's lower half because even in the future, the intelligent, emotionless creatures don't want to piss off the FCC. "Soon empathy, compassion and love became messy distractions, and they too were machined out. And they too were machined out, and without romantic love, they developed new reproductive technologies." But you guys kept oral sex, right? WHAT KIND OF MONSTERS ARE YOU? Given the fact that we haven't seen any Observer women, I guess we know the answer. Also, congratulations to the Republicans on what I presume five-hundred years of GOP governance would look like.

Windmark -- still in 2609, I assume -- is visiting some sort of Observer scientist to get some "data on an anomaly." The scientist, typing on a holographic keyboard on a glass tube that descends from the ceiling, brings up the file on XB-6783746. I like that there's a picture of Michael. Oh, the bald one!

We start cutting quickly back and forth between 2609 and 2036, with September explaining that early in the boy's maturation, the scientists in charge of reproduction realized that the kid's brain had developed differently from other offspring, and the scientist telling Windmark that the boy's maturation was halted. "To them, he was an anomaly, a defect." September, the kid's sitting right there!

At this point I start to wonder about Windmark's disgust when he discovered the Observer bodies in the black lab, because of a) the emotionlessness of the Observers and b) the fact that they THEMSELVES experiment on Observers.

Anyway, Windmark asks the scientist whose genetic material was used to create this progeny. It's not really any mystery to anyone watching, I can't imagine. "I had observed, in your time, how fathers cared for their sons and protected them," says September. Really? In our time, dads spending time with their kids is still referred to as "babysitting" by way too many people. Nevertheless, September continues, "It stirred something in me that I could not ignore." He took the boy away and hid him in the past, where he would be safe.

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