The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse

Etta slides down the pillar to the floor, coughing. Windmark looks at her a moment, pleased with himself, and then walks away. Moments later, Peter and Olivia come racing in, pausing a nice, long moment on the catwalk to stare down at their dying daughter. They rush to her side, Peter going "no, no, no, no" and Olivia doing her best to be practical and calm and telling her Etta that she's going to be OK, they just have to move her. Etta tells her there's no point. Peter, as any father would, says they're not going to leave her there. "You have to. You won't make it with me. I'll slow you down," says Etta. Look, I get what she's saying, but wounded Etta is probably no worse an anchor than Walter is.

And then: a little beep, and Peter looks down to see that Etta's turned on one of the anti-matter batons.

"You have to leave," she says. Well, that's true now, isn't it? Olivia tells her daughter she loves her, and Etta smiles and says she knows, and gives her the bullet necklace. Peter's not quite as calmly (which is not to say happily) accepting this -- he clutches Etta and says he can't leave her, not again. Walter, his voice cracking as he himself fights off tears -- and even though Etta's really only been around for a few episodes, I do find it getting a little bit dusty in here -- says they have to go. The antimatter baton timer counts down, currently at twenty-six seconds, like SHUT UP ANTIMATTER BATON TIMER.

Outside, a Loyalist tells Windmark that they're sweeping buildings 2 and 3 right now, but there's no sign of them. Windmark, having learned all about love now, says they would go back for her.

A trio of Observers and a couple of Loyalists find a motionless Olivia, still sitting up. "You were wrong," says... somebody? Off-camera. I think it was a Loyalist. But the Observer crouches beside Etta's body and discovers the necklace is gone -- right before he sees the antimatter baton, at four seconds. He sports as much of an "oh, shit" face as those guys ever do...

...and then we watch from Windmark's perspective as the bomb zaps the building (and I guess anything within a hundred metres) out of existence. And then cut to Peter, Olivia and Walter, who have made it, oh, about A KILOMETER AWAY IN TWENTY-SIX SECONDS SOMEHOW. They watch for a moment, not speaking. Olivia stares, face hardening. She's got the necklace wrapped around her fingers, and starts to stride purposefully away when Walter gently says they need to go. Peter remains. "She's gone, son," says Walter, for a second time. Peter remains.

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