The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse

The Loyalists chase him, only to find a manhole cover ajar. Almost hilariously, they assume Peter's down there. Fortunately for them, he is, instead of sneaking away around the corner while they're preoccupied with a manhole cover distraction. Crouched in the sewer below, Peter gets his gun ready, but the Loyalists -- being not quite as dumb as they look -- toss some sort of electronic grenade down first. Peter hightails it down the sewer corridor as the explosion chases him and catches him in a blast of light so bright that I wondered if this were some sort of alternate-universe time-travel grenade or something.

But when he comes to, he's still in the future, the awful, awful future. He's managed to crawl out of a storm drain though, and is now the subject of much curiosity from some grubby kid who wants to know if that's a real gun he's got. Peter's also quite banged up, but the kid loses interest almost immediately and strolls away, blowing on his ol' harmonica. So I guess in the future we haven't solved the attention-deficit disorder problem either.

Over at Formerly Harvard University, Astrid and Walter have freed another videotape from the amber. It looks to be in better shape than the others, because they took a long time to get it out, a fact that has Walter grumbling about how it'll take them another twenty-one years to save the world. He's complaining awfully loudly FOR THE GUY WHO PUT THEM IN AMBER IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Peter shows up and acts like a big sook so he can get sympathy from everyone, and then he tells them about the Observer and admits that the guy was able to pull an image of Etta. He hopes though, that since she's already as much a fugitive as they are, that that won't hurt them and he doesn't think the Observer pulled anything else. "These guys, they outmove us, they outthink us, they're always two steps ahead. More if they focus," says Peter, adding that he doesn't know how they're going to beat the Observers. It's not exactly a "We shall fight on the beaches" speech, is it?

Olivia looks concerned by Peter's pessimism, but Etta's a little brighter, telling her dad they'll beat them one by one, and that he instinctively did the right thing by keeping a bunch of random thoughts in his head to make it difficult to be read. She tells him that he needs to make a labyrinth of planned thoughts to keep them occupied, and she plans to teach them all how to do that. "Plans"? Hey, ANY TIME YOU'D LIKE TO START, ETTA.

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