The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse

Walter's flashlight falls upon the (cracked) Alterna-Universe Television Screen and Peter assures us all that's not a plot we're getting into this season, and a disappointed Walter says they'll have to go through everything to see what's still viable. Then Walter grosses everyone by picking up and tasting a two-decade-old doughnut hole that has, like, SHOOTS growing out of it, and declaring it still spongy and good.

Over at Observer HQ, the Loyalist who failed the security test has been brought in for interrogation, with Broyles watching via closed-circuit television. The Observer -- who looks a little like if Ralph Fiennes were an Observer -- plays him the security test, in which he's asked about his graduation from the academy, and what the weather was like on the day of his graduation. He hesitates on the last question and finally says it was sunny.

The Observer interrogator stops the recording and tells him the day of the graduation, it started raining at 10:30 AM and didn't stop until the evening. "You were never at the Academy," he says. Holden, the Loyalist, says he was "Class 58693 Tech A," whatever that's supposed to mean, but the Observer says Holden's a member of the Resistance. I do like the dispassionate way the Observers go about their work.

Probing mentally, the Observer learns someone forged the paperwork to get him installed in this position. Holden's face is turning red under the strain of resisting being read and his nose starts to bleed when the interrogator asks where the fugitives are hiding. He also asks about Peter Bishop. The Observer gleans that Holden overheard Anil say something, and asks what it was -- but then something else catches his attention: "'The Dove.' Who is the Dove? What is his real name?"

In his office, Broyles is starting to look quite concerned. Holden -- straining, sweating, blood flowing freely -- finally says he doesn't know... nobody does. The interrogator sits back, a slight smile on his face. But the pressure appears to still be ramping up on Holden -- at least until it stops, abruptly, when the interrogator turns to look directly into the camera. Dude, you're breaking the fourth wall!

Broyles makes sure his gun is loaded and holsters it, keeping his hand close by, when the interrogator comes in. He and Broyles stare at each other for a moment before Broyles asks what he discovered, and the Observer says the guy is a low-level operative with limited information, so he found bits and pieces, but not everything. The Dove, I mean, Broyles looks at him for a moment, then says they've heard the name "The Dove" three times now. The Observer cocks his head.

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