The Bullet That Saved The World

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For Etta or For Worse

But then we're off to the Penn Station checkpoint, where Walter pulls up in the hunk of junk station wagon and tells the Loyalist guard that he's trying to get to Kennebunkport, Maine, and the guard just scans him with a barcode reader-type thingy and asks to see his travel authorization.

Walter, unsurprisingly, plays a doddering old geezer convincingly enough that an Observer comes up to give him a mild electric shock to focus him a little bit but is not so threatening to suspect Walter's any kind of threat -- much to their woe, as Walter reaches beside him for his "travel authorization" and instead presses a gas mask to his face and then gives the Loyalist and the Observer a blast of the toxin that seals peoples orifices shut, suffocating them. Goddammit, I've only just gotten over my nightmares of what it looks like when people's mouths seal up. I'm not going to be able to sleep for weeks again!

Walter turns off the electronic barrier while the remaining Fringers climb out of the trunk. The women take the car around back, while Peter and Walter stroll into Penn Station, surprisingly unmolested because I guess nobody saw the guards suddenly fall over and die.

Inside, they stroll past a Loyalist guard who seconds later gets an alert that there's been a checkpoint breach. The Bishops head down onto a disused platform where Walter shines his flashlight around until he finds a brick column with "Kilroy Was Here" scrawled on it. That's the one, he says. "'Kilroy'?" asks Peter, like it's not hip enough graffiti for him. They pull off the air vent and yank out the heavy tube stashed inside, and we should probably be concerned about the approaching footsteps we're hearing.

Speaking of danger sound-effects, Olivia and Etta are waiting in the car outside and I guess it's a really tight budget this season because we don't see any kind of checkpoint kerfuffle; we just hear sirens and doors slamming and people yelling. "Let's go," says Olivia, and they get their gas masks on and get out of the car.

Inside, Walter and Peter are getting ready to go when the Loyalist guard shows up. Peter shoots him, as he does the Observer that pops into view. Outside, Olivia and Etta are now drawing fire from the guards, but they use Walter's special guns to launch some toxin canisters and it's not long before the sentries are clutching at their throats while dying horrible, horrible deaths. Guess Olivia's gotten over her "Loyalists are people too" hang-up.

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