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What’s The Frequency, Walter?

For Walter, the fact that there is no evidence is a kind of evidence itself; someone is covering his tracks (or her, Walter!), Fauxlivia says if that's the case, it would have to be someone pretty high up. He also references Sherlock Holmes (the dog that did not bark) but Fauxlivia doesn't have a clue what he's talking about because they don't have Sherlock Holmes over here. Are we only hearing about the good stuff that Earth-2 doesn't have? Because it would be fine with me if they balanced it out every once in a while with something like, Jersey Shore? Never heard of it.

Anyway right off the top, Walter suggests Broyles. Fauxlivia's all "No way!" and Walter shrugs and says she knows him better than Walter does. "But in the case of a mole, no one should be above suspicion," he says. He continues rambling, something about still being upset about Nixon, but it looks like he's struck a chord with Fauxlivia.

So she visits Meana in her cell and fiddles with the control panel, shutting off the video camera keeping its electric eye on Meana. So Meana knows something's up, but Fauxlivia's not there to beat on her but to tell her that they found the mole: "We have Col. Broyles in custody. He told us everything, so he won't be able to set you free anymore." The two of them stare at each other for a moment and then Meana smirks and says, "You really have no idea," which might have been a relief to Fauxlivia, but then Meana continues, saying Philip is just another irrelevant pawn. "This changes nothing, Agent Dunham. I know Jones. And he will come for me," she says. Yeah, like he came for Canaan, right? Fauxlivia does her best to hide her disappointment at being right and manages to sign off with, "Unless you're just another pawn," before leaving.

It's hushed-conversation with Lincoln Lee time, who cautions that Fauxlivia may be lying. "Maybe she knew you were bluffing," he says. Just then, the Farnsworthbot strolls up to let them know that no one has seen Col. Broyles come in today and his subcutaneous tracker was disabled two hours ago. Ugh! I'd like a little more information on that! Surely it's the subcutaneousness that prevents it from being disabled? "Should we be worried?" asks the Farnsworthbot, who always looks worried.

Oh, there's Broyles! Don't worry! Oh wait, he's at the ferry to Liberty Island. He's sitting in his SUV, holding Jones' device. Well, at least we know he's OK.

After the commercial break, we watch a slightly nervous Col. Broyles make his way through security, giving his Show Me to the sentry and being slightly startled by the sentry's small talk. Of course, it doesn't help that the sentry for some reason looks up from his computer and makes a frowny face when he says "Sir..." and then pauses before saluting and saying "'re good to go."

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