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What’s The Frequency, Walter?

Over in Fringe HQ, Fauxlivia gets off the phone with Diane. We didn't hear the conversation, but it sounds like she has no idea where Col. Broyles is. Then Farnsworthbot announces that his Show Me was just swiped at Liberty Island. "The Bridge is there. The Secretary of Defense. He could be doing any number of things," says Fauxlivia and she and Lincoln leave to head him off at the pass or something. I mean, you guys could make a phone call. There ARE guards there.

Well, as it turns out, it's not like there's a lot. Broyles just has to get past one clear door with a palm scan and he's in. Not far behind are Lincoln Lee and Fauxlivia, who run past the one sentry who sputters, "Hey, you haven't been cleared!" Jesus, it's the ARMY. I mean, it's one thing when the little kid in Love Actually manages to get through security to tell his classmate he loves her without getting shot, but you'd think they'd run a tighter ship here.

Fortunately for Lincoln and Fauxlivia, Col. Broyles is taking some time to stare up at the Doomsday Device itself to contemplate the enormity of what he's doing. Also fortunately, that one sentry doesn't appear to even be CHASING them. To be fair, he's the only guard so maybe he can't leave his post. And despite the fact that the guard knows that two unauthorized visitors are on their way to the Bridge, there's no kind of lockdown protocol; Fauxlivia has her hand scanned and gets through the door no problem.

And that's where they see that Col. Broyles is meeting with Agent Broyles, who says, "Col. Broyles just turned himself in. He told us everything." Col. Broyles looks at a devastated Fauxlivia, swallows hard and says he's sorry. There's no response. I mean, betraying someone's trust is bad enough, but when the direct result of that betrayal -- whatever the motivation -- is the death of a friend and partner? Forgiveness is probably a long way off. Even Lincoln Lee is looking pissed, like, "Just when I was getting Lincoln Bee to teach me to be a badass, too!"

And now it's time for Walter to go home. Fauxlivia and Lincoln see him off. Fauxlivia hugs him and then Walter urges her not to judge Col. Broyles, because no one can be certain exactly what they're capable of, how far they'll go to save the ones they love. "I know this more than most," he says. Yeah well, I suppose if you're judging Col. Broyles, you gotta reassess your opinion of Walter too, right? Although I do find it amusing that it was after Walter told Col. Broyles that he'd do it again, that Col. Broyles decided enough was enough. You can argue that maybe Col. Broyles sees in Walter the possibility that eventually he'll be forgiven. Although I would REALLY like to know what this means for Christopher and his treatment. He tells her to keep an eye on the universe: "I've grown quite fond of it," he says. Yeah well, I'm sure Ike Turner was fond of Tina in his own way too, Walter.

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