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What’s The Frequency, Walter?

We immediately flash universes back to here, where her counterpart is in a pet store. And then back again to the taxicab, where the red ring has changed to two blinking green rings. Lucky the next passenger had terrible peripheral vision! At any rate, it's not long before the cab is shaking and rattling violently. In the other universe, the woman's at the cash register, about to pay, when she's thrown backward by some unseen force. She slides along the floor, into a bin of toys and collapses. Then she starts vomiting motor oil. Or maybe this stuff would come out of anyone whose cross-universe doppelganger was killed in a car crash, I don't know.

When we come back from commercial, Fringe is on the scene of the taxi crash -- apparently it went over a bridge. Peter notes that the cops say the cab went over the bridge at 6:37, the same time the victim died on the other side. Uh, what about the driver?

Anyway, at Liberty Island, Astrid's waiting in a room when the Farnsworthbot clomps in. Astrid's positively giddy at seeing Farnsworthbot again. The emotion is not reciprocated -- not outwardly, anyway -- until Astrid brings out a present: a can of coffee. Farnsworthbot is shocked, but calms down when Astrid assures her she got permission. "I never thought that I was going to taste this again," she says.

Then she's in contact with Fauxlivia, who's with Lincoln Lee and Walter in the pet shop and they conduct simultaneous crime scene investigations (once Walter's over his delight at finding out that they domesticate badgers in Earth-2), with the Earth-2 team relaying information to Farnsworthbot, who passes it on to Astrid, who tells the Earth-1 team. So let's get to work! In both cases, the victim's name is Nancy Elizabeth Guerring Purple Monkey Dishwasher, although you'd kinda think they'd already know that. Her left arm is broken in each universe.

Peter, meanwhile, is searching the taxicab's trunk and asks Walter (via Astrid and the Farnworthbot) what he's looking for, what the device might look like. Walter decides that it's probably rather large or it might be small. Astrid tells Peter she doesn't think Walter has any idea what it looks like. Fortunately, Peter has basic human eyesight and so spots the case in the back of the cab. He uses a pocketknife to pop it open -- Jones' team might want to consider springing for better cases for their nefarious devices -- and then spins it around on the trunk to show Olivia what's inside: a little rig powered by amphilicite. "Jones," says Olivia.

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