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There Ain’t No Cure for Love -- or Bellini’s Lymphocemia
orn running through the lab, says Peter, who's chagrined to see that Olivia did not immediately double over in uncontrollable laughter, and he just stands there until finally Olivia says, "Anything else? Got any more jokes?" all sarcastic, really funny. Let's take it from the top, Peter.

He's got his feelings hurt, and he's had enough of Olivia's wild mood swings, and says there's been something wrong all day (this is all on one day?) and he whines that he wants to find Claire as much as Olivia does, and she apologizes, genuinely, and then they kind of stare at each other for a few moments, before she launches into a story about her stepfather who used to beat her mother, who just lived with it. "One day he beat her real bad, broke her nose. I was nine," she says. Her stepfather took off in his car, and then came back, so Olivia went for the gun that he kept in the drawer near his bed. "When he opened the door, I pulled the trigger. Then I pulled it again. And I can still see his face, almost daring me to finish. But I couldn't," she says. Wuss! She says her stepfather went to the hospital, and survived. "And then one night he just slipped away. We never saw him again." She says she blames herself because she should have finished him off -- you were nine, Olivia! -- and even though rationally she knows he's not responsible for every bad thing that happens, he is responsible for some of them. And every year he sends her a card on her birthday, just to let her know he's still out there. "It's your birthday today," says Peter, showing off that big brain of his.

After a moment, he leans forward and says, "No man is untouchable, Olivia." He's not talking about Olivia's daddy but Esterbrook, and suggests talking to Nina Sharp, because Massive Dynamic has three pharmaceutical divisions that are in competition with Intrepus. "Their annual budget for corporate espionage could feed a mid-sized nation." He's guessing Nina would have something on Esterbrook. Olivia doubts that Nina would even admit to having something on Esterbrook if it meant owning up to highly illegal corporate espionage. She's just going back to looking on her computer, and also trying to figure out what to do with her fantasy football team, because both her starting and backup quarterbacks have byes.

Peter gets up and heads out the door, letting his dad know he's going out. "Oh, Peter! To be honest I didn't even know you were here!" says Walter, which I think is code for "You weren't hovering around making snide remarks the whole time!"

Over at the Chariot Equestrian Center, Peter jogs up to see Nina Sharp, just finishing a ride. He goes to introduce himself, but Nina already knows who he is (which we knew, too). "You're not the only one who's done their homework," she says, as if Peter ever did or does homework. She asks if "Ms. Dunham" knows he's there, and he says no. She suggests they go for a walk.

After he fills her in, she wants to know if he's got anything to substantiate his "bold claim" that Intrepus is illegally using human subjects in drug trials. "Would you put it past them?" asks Peter, which Nina doesn't answer, just shoots him a look, as if Massive Dynamic doesn't do the same thing.

They sit down on a bench, and Peter keeps pressing for info, figuring Intrepus would be doing it somewhere "off the grid," since they wouldn't risk doing it at one of their own facilities. Nina starts going on about how Peter looks the same as he did was younger. Except for the fifteen-o'clock shadow, anyway. Peter looks surprised, and Nina says he probably doesn't remember, but they used to spend a lot of time together, "some of it right here." Peter just looks at her. "Your father and I were ... quite close when we were both much younger." Peter stares at her, clearly figuring, but not wanting to ask, if she's talking about sex. Sometimes you can have a little more information than you'd ever wish for.

Then she starts rambling -- well, seems to be rambling anyway -- about all this information she has that is of no use. For instance, did you know that the Aymara people of Central Peru live on soil that contains a naturally occurring metal alloy that is potentially hyperconductive? Peter grimaces like he already knows where she's going with this. She says she also knows that Peter has conducted some business with these people and other tribal concerns in parts of the world traditionally resistant to development.

She gets all Godfather on him: she gives him the exact location, and in return she gets to come to him to return the favour someday, no questions asked. Peter stares at her.

Over at the Harvard lab, Walter sniffs the air, and says, "Do you smell that?" to Astrid, who says she does, and next time a little warning might be nice, and I'd like to point out that this lab contains a live COW, so I don't think Astrid can be super-fussy about smells. But Peter's not talking about his silent-but-deadlies but methyleugenol, which gives hyacinths their aroma. As Peter comes in, in time to correct his dad calling Astrid "Asterisk," Walter says the methyleugenol is what the women were injected with to make all the radioactive capsules burst at once. Then Walter figures a bonding agent will interfere with the process, and now it won't take him long to make the cure. Peter goes to find Olivia to tell her the good news. She's out sitting in the hallway, rubbing her temples. "When did this happen? When did this become the world we live in? Patel, Esterbrook ... these are the people we trust to take care of us," she says. Seems like someone who almost shot her abusive stepdad to death when she was only nine might already know that there are bad people in the world. Peter just says 5620 Stapleton Avenue is where Claire Williams is being held, and says radioactive isotopes have a heat signature that's visible to spy satellites, and he had a friend track it down at the National Reconnaissance Office. "You have a friend at the NRO?" says Olivia, disbelievingly. "I have a friend who cracked their control systems," he clarifies. She's worried about pulling the trigger on this if the information is bad. He assures her it's good (by saying, "It's good. It's good." Well, I'm convinced!).

Striding back into the lab, she's already on the phone with Charlie, ordering a full tactical strike. "We're sure. This is the one. We've got a visible heat signature from the isotopes," she says, and naturally this is one of the few times where Walter's aware of anything going on around him, and he starts to say that radioactive isotopes don't have a heat signature, but Peter shuts him up and shoots him a look, and Walter seems to understand what he's getting at, so instead he gives Olivia a syringe to inject directly into Claire's bloodstream. The jugular, preferably.

Charlie briefs the strike team, telling them surveillance teams have found armed security on the premises, which is in the southern part of Framingham. Charlie says they have to get a shot right down a small thermal exhaust port, only two metres wide, which leads directly to the reactor system. One of the agents thinks that's crazy, but Olivia says she used to bullseye womp rats from her T-sixteen back home, and they're not much bigger than two metres.

The strike team rolls up and busts in, knocking down doors and forcing white-coated people to the floor. A security guard manages to shoot an FBI agent in the leg (that's some loyal rent-a-cops Esterbrook hired) and Olivia shoots him a few times. Nice! Olivia's team meets up with Charlie's team in the centre, and there's no sign of Claire yet, so she heads down into the basement.

Hazmat (not wearing her Hazmat suit) hears all the commotion and slowly lifts the lid on what's clearly a self-destruct button hooked up to the equipment in front of her and pushes it, just as Olivia and the team arrive to the sound of electronic equipment powering down. Olivia orders her not to move, and then goes in search of Claire, who's slumped on the floor of her room in pain. Despite someone yelling that Olivia can't

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