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There Ain’t No Cure for Love -- or Bellini’s Lymphocemia
go in there without the radiation killing them all, Olivia SLAMS HER SHOULDER AGAINST THE DOOR. It doesn't budge, and Olivia puts the syringe into an air-lock drawer, while yelling for Claire to come get the cure. Claire's in a lot of pain, and she collapses. Oh no! One of the computer screens has yellow and red bars on it, and they're getting bigger! No way is that good! Olivia talks her through it -- well, "yells" her through it is probably more accurate, and Claire crawls over to the door to get the syringe.

Just as Claire grabs it, she starts to shake, and those yellow lines gets bigger and the static-y sound gets louder and Claire writhes on the ground, and Olivia is still yelling upsetting things like "You need to jab yourself in the side of the neck!" "Oh my god, my head!" yells Claire. Olivia's all, "less talky, more jabby!" and Claire's eyes have started to bleed by this point, but she manages to reach up and jab her neck, and things instantly start going back to normal. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the cure just supposed to have prevented the capsules from exploding all at once? I mean, since they were clearly already exploding, is this syringe actually neutralizing radioactivity? Is that even possible? I -- you know what, it's OK. Never mind.

And now it's time to head over to Intrepus, where Olivia strolls into a lab to find Esterbrook. "Agent Dunham. Apparently I didn't make my point clearly enough," he says. She tells him she thought he'd be interested to know that Claire Williams is safe, and he's all "What's a Claire Williams?" but Olivia says an employee (Elizabeth Sarnoff -- Hazmat) said he supplied her with the facility and equipment to turn the women into human weapons. Esterbrook chalks it up to a disgruntled employee saying just about anything to vilify the boss who fired her. So you won't mind coming with me to answer a few questions, she says, and he tells her he's got a law firm on retainer that charges more by the hour than she earns in a year. "I suggest you get them to meet you at the FBI," smirks Olivia. Esterbrook threatens to add "police harassment" to the laundry list of charges, and Olivia says she's still going to walk him out the front door in handcuffs for refusing to answer questions, and the press that she tipped off will probably enjoy the show. "You may not answer to me, or to the U.S. government, but you do answer to a board of directors," she says. Esterbrook swallows, and then Olivia bounces him off the table to handcuff him behind his back, so she might want to expect a police brutality charge as well.

Back at the federal building, Olivia goes through her mail again. No card from stepdaddy dearest. She heads up to Broyles' impressive, circular window-walled office that overlooks the room, and he crosses his arms and outright glowers at her as she walks in for a full seventeen seconds.

"I guess by now you've heard," she says, and Broyles is all, that you frogmarched a senior officer of a multibillion-dollar conglomerate out of his office? Yeah, I heard. "Quite a few cameras there," he notes, and Olivia shrugs and says, "The press. They always get their pound of flesh," and how nice to use the press and then slam them, Olivia. She's not exactly expressing surprise that someone tipped them off.

Oh, here comes the diatribe. "I understand that you think I acted too emotionally. And putting aside the fact that men always say that about women they work with" -- not to generalize yourself about an entire gender, there, Olivia -- "I'll get straight to the point. I am emotional. I do bring it to my work. It's what motivates me..." and it goes on like that, getting into the headspace of victims, makes me a better agent, etc. "If you have a problem with that, sorry. You can fire me. But I hope you don't." Then she just turns and tries to sashay out the door, like don't let your boss RESPOND or anything, Olivia. He tells her she's not getting off that easy. "I'll see you in the morning," he says, still glaring.

Meanwhile, Nina Sharp's listening to the radio while being driven somewhere, and allowing herself a smile as the newscaster talks about plummeting Intrepus stock and the corresponding bounce in competitors, especially Massive Dynamic, whose shares are up twelve percent. In her car, Olivia's listening to the same radio station, looking thoughtful.

Peter, carrying groceries, and Walter stroll up to their hotel when Olivia pops out of the bushes like a stalker and Walter thinks she's locked herself out again too, and Peter has to tell him that she doesn't live here, and Walter looks chastened as he takes the groceries from Peter so he can go in while his son talks to Olivia. Peter reminds his dad to use his own toothbrush tonight. "White for Walter," says Walter, slightly embarrassed.

Peter and Olivia sit down on a nearby bench to chat, and Olivia gets right to it: "I know where you got your information about Claire Williams." She asks what Nina's price was, and Peter laughs. "Nothing untoward, if that's what you're worried about," he says. Never admit anything! He tells Olivia that he's a big boy who can take care of himself. "You've been looking out for me, so I'm just returning the favour," he says. She thanks him. "There was no letter today, was there?" he says. Is this all still the same day? Olivia smiles and says there wasn't. Well, have faith. "Happy Birthday," says Peter. Olivia manages to stand up without kissing him, and tells him to get upstairs before Walter falls asleep in Peter's bed. Peter says he's actually done that before -- while Peter was sleeping in it. "Not something you want to wake up to," he says, leaning all close to Olivia, like she's going to be turned on at the prospect of sleeping with Peter while his crazy dad wanders around. They say good night to each other, not "kiss me, kiss me, kiss me!"

At home, Olivia walks in the front door -- and notices a card on the floor. It simply has her name on it. No address, no stamp, no postmark. The card inside is blank except for the greeting-card sentiment "thinking of you." Great. Now she's got to get him a card again this year!

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