The Day We Died

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I've Seen the Future, Brother. It is Murder
ere consistent with those of the Paleozoic era, 250 million years ago. I'll tell you something: Walter croaking out "Sauropods?" is one of the creepier aspects of the episode, but I'll be disappointed if we don't see some dinosaurs tromping around this episode.

But enough about wormholes and radiation and sauropods; Walter asks how Olivia's doing, and Peter says she's fine, and it's back to business: he needs Walter's help, so he hauls out the electralight and explains to his father that the End of Dayers use them in soft spots to rip holes in the fabric of the universe (you'd think they'd have a term for it by this point so they wouldn't have to keep awkwardly saying "the fabric of the universe") to hasten the disintegration of the universe. Peter's hoping to figure out how the thing works and maybe trace its parts.

Walter looks at the electralight through the glass but then slumps back and says he'd like to help but he can't do it without his tools and special instruments, but they both know that's not going to happen.

Or is it? Peter's now in Washington, watching a television that shows a huge vortex having been opened up in the Thames near Tower Bridge. He's in the office of one Philip Broyles, who appears to have lost an eye that's been replaced with glass. And why would anyone get a glass eye that matches your working eye? It's much better to unsettle anyone you're looking at with your unmatching eyes. Like Broyles wasn't intimidating enough already. Anyway, Broyles is up to speed on what's going on with End of Days, so Peter shows him the electralight and tells him Science Division isn't having any luck figuring out. "What do you need," says Broyles, in a voice that suggests he has some idea what Peter's going to ask for, and sure enough Peter asks for a temporary furlough for Walter, which Broyles says is out of the question. "Consult with him in prison if you need to. That's all I can offer," he says. Peter then angrily asks if Broyles is concerned about his re-election prospects, which isn't going to get Walter out of prison any faster. Besides, I find it hard to imagine Broyles having any trouble getting reelected President of Badassery. Broyles indicates the vortex on the television and says that's what he's worried about, and he rants about the world disintegrating and how Walter's responsible. After a moment, while Peter just looks at him, Broyles settles down and says he knows Walter's intentions weren't this. Well, maybe he really hates the English?

Anyway, Peter says that while he's running around right now putting Band-Aids on everything (Broyles' term), if they can figure out this machine, Peter guarantees they'll be able to prevent future casualties. "Philip, if what we lost in Detroit still means anything to you, just give me one chance. That's all I'm asking," he says. Oh no! What of Governor Marshall Mathers? Is he still alive?

And that does it -- we're back to Walter's lab in Harvard, because no one in Harvard is ever looking for any more lab space or anything, I guess. At least the lab is empty, but that's much to Walter's chagrin. Peter tells him that his stuff is all still in evidence, but Olivia's working on getting it out. That should take all of another twenty minutes, I imagine.

But all of Walter's things don't include Astrid, Peter says, after Walter asks about her. Astrid's a Fringe agent now and needed in the field. Walter, still shackled but at least shaven, sadly says that since she's not needed to look after him anymore that she was free to spread her wings. Yes, Walter, that is the tragedy you seem to be thinking it is. Then Walter asks if he can check out his old office, and Peter nods, so Walter shuffles off.

He's happily swiveling in his old chair -- hey, the world is falling apart and you're responsible and your son probably owes a big favour for springing you, so maybe you could get to work? -- when Peter comes in to say there's someone here to see him. He heads out into the main lab, where his boxes are being wheeled in, and he sees Olivia standing there. She smiles warmly when she sees him, and he yells her name and runs to hug her, which she happily reciprocates. Then, blinking back tears, he offers belated congratulations for the wedding, which she says happened a while ago now. Well, yeah, but since at the time he was in prison for DESTROYING THE UNIVERSE, maybe she could just accept the congratulations?

Anyway, Walter's not too giddy from the excitement of welcoming her to the family that he can't yell at a delivery guy for rattling fragile equipment too carelessly, and then a box slides off a counter but instead of hitting the ground, it floats a few inches above it, much to the surprise of the delivery guy.

The box is then set down gently. "Was that you?" Walter asks Olivia, and she says she learned to control it a few years ago. "I'm impressed," says Walter. I should think so!

Elsewhere, in a park clearly chosen for the fact none of the path lights seem to work at all, Moreau meets up with Walternate, who tells him the next target is the wormhole in Central Park. "Considering your world was destroyed by a wormhole, I suppose it's fitting," says Moreau. Actually, we're not seeing Walternate's face yet because for some reason this scene is doing a "Who's he talking to?" reveal, even though we can a) hear his voice and b) who ELSE is it going to be? Moreau's got a much bigger electralite, which he tells Walternate followed his specifications to the letter, and will yield more than twice what the device did last night. "It won't be long ... 'til this world joins mine," says Walternate. We finally see him. His hair has been painted white. Because he's older now, and there's only so much craggier the makeup artist can make John Noble look.

After the commercial break, Peter strolls into the Harvard lab, where Walter is hard at work (under guard), and slaps down a bag of Red Vines for his dad, who is having no luck making any sense of the electralight. "I'll continue to run diagnostics on the canister, but even if I am successful, our world is still ending," he says, and then fills in the backstory for us (not for Peter, who would know all this), that their destiny was set the day they triggered the machine. "I didn't understand until it was too late that our two worlds were inextricably linked. Without one, the other simply cannot exist. When their world was destroyed, that was the day we sealed our fate. For all intents and purposes, that was the day we died," he says. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a title!

Peter looks a little bummed by Walter's pessimism, so all he can manage is a "We don't know that for sure." He starts to leave, but then Walter asks if he's seen Walternate. "No. Nobody has. He's become a recluse," says Peter. Which makes sense, given that he came over here to save his world, only to be stuck here when his world was destroyed, says Walter: "Not to mention having the same face as the most reviled man in the universe," he adds, and now there is some more discussion between Walter and Peter about Walter's trial, and how Peter spoke in Walter's defence -- Peter points out that he's the one who got in the machine and destroyed the other universe, and Walter counters by saying the courts perceived that he did it to defend their universe. "This all began with me and my hubris," says Walter. Wait, so what did they think Walter was doing such that he's a dangerous criminal locked away for life while Peter walks the streets all stubbly and widow's-peaked? Walter wants to thank Peter for speaking in his defence, even though Peter clearly did such a shitty job that Walter got thrown away in prison to rot for the rest of eternity and was probably lucky not to be sentenced to death. Touchingly, Peter says, "No matter who's at fault, you're my dad." And he walks off, leaving his father to look like he's about to burst into tears any moment. He pulls a Red Vine from the book, and chews, cries and smiles all at once.

Meanwhile, in a tasteful apartment of beige and chrome, Olivia pours a coup

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