The Day We Died

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I've Seen the Future, Brother. It is Murder
le of glasses of wine from a nondescript black box labeled "Table Wine," and tells Peter that the steaks he's frying up -- which appear to have come from a couple of cans simply labeled "steak," swear to god -- smell "insanely good." He says that after the day they had, they deserve better than takeout, and without having eaten them, I'd like to put my vote for "takeout" ahead of canned steak.

Olivia wonders how Peter's holding up, because Walter always used to cook when he was worried about Peter, and Peter says that of all the bad habits he could have picked up from Walter, that's the least of them.

Then he notices, tacked to the fridge, a picture of a woman, man and child, with a rainbow over top, which apparently came from Amanda across the street: "That's you and me and the little baby that we're gonna have that she is planning on babysitting," says Olivia, and Peter wants to get cracking on starting that, and Olivia calls him out on how gross he is to use a drawing from a little girl to get lucky.

And now Olivia looks sad, I'm assuming because she thinks she's married to a pervert, and Peter talks about how she could reconsider, and Olivia admits to thinking about it, and that she wishes things were different. "Honey, people still have families. Look at Amanda; she was born into this world, and she's still happy. And the world could get better," says Peter, adding that he thinks they're going to have a child. Olivia forces herself to cheer up and says she hopes he's right, and then Peter starts babbling about how they're going to have two or three, a little tribe of Bishops, and then they are hugging and are now all set to enjoy their disgusting canned steak. And can I just ask why they're bothering to save this world of canned steak? I think the survivors will envy the dead.

The next morning, they're snuggled in bed when Peter's phone rings on his nightstand. It's an excited Walter, explaining that he understands now: "They're splitting atoms -- not as an outcome goal but as a means to an end," he says.

He's discovered that they were made with Strontium-90, which will leave a trail of "radioactive bread crumbs" to whoever's doing that, so they can use Fringe Division's "radiation tracking maps."

And very quickly we're in a wooded campground, where Peter sees terrorists making s'mores, not weapons of mass destruction, but that's where they're detecting the radioactive signal. Olivia seems to think it's a bust, but asks the team to notify her if they find anything out of the ordinary. She's no sooner walked back off to an SUV when an agent brings a little plastic hide-a-key thing to him, saying she found it on a rock. Peter looks at it and frowns, and then quickly tucks it away when Olivia comes back, musing aloud about Walter being wrong. Peter says he's going to head back to check on Fringe's radiation sensors, and he promises to let her know if he finds anything. He gets back in his vehicle, and slides open the Hide-A-Key, revealing an old key inside. He doesn't look happy.

There's a nice overhead shot of Central Park. I'd love to visit some day. So much to see, like Amber Mountain over there. I don't remember seeing that in any tourist brochures... hold on. There are a couple of nefarious-looking dudes approaching the mountain, one of whom is Moreau. At the edge of it, they open the case they're carrying, which holds two of the extra-special souped-up electralites.

Back at Fringe, Astrid arrives back at her desk to find it littered with a coffee cup and other bits of assorted detritus, and she wearily asks why no one respects her desk, and the moron in front of her cheerfully says, "You're too nice!" which should have made him the instant recipient of all the garbage. But there might not be any time for that, because there's suddenly an alarm going off indicating there's some shit going down in Central Park.

Back at Harvard, Walter, with Ella looking on, is marveling at the electralite device, and wishes he'd invented it (for peaceful purposes, like mining, or perhaps taking out convenience stores that don't sell his favorite cereals). Olivia asks about the component parts, but Walter hasn't had any luck tracing them.

Olivia's phone rings, and she says she's on her way. She hangs up and tells Walter and Ella that there was a security breach on the wormhole in Central Park, and Moreau was spotted. A security breach? Two guys walking along an unguarded path, from what we saw.

Peter's at Reiden Lake, where the trees are as colourful as a bowl of Froot Loops, despite the fact this is May and not the fall. That's OK, though. He's cautiously approaching the front door of what appears to be an empty cabin, but his skulking is somewhat hampered by the ringing of his cellphone, which he should probably set at least to vibrate if he's attempting to go all ninja. He answers it, but there's no response, and the screen is flashing "Missed Call" at him and he doesn't bother to check to see who it was.

Using the key from the box found at the campsite, Peter unlocks the front door and opens it. Drawing his gun, he goes inside, and eventually finds himself pointing his gun at Walternate, sitting in the dining room. "Hello, Peter," says Walternate, emotionlessly.

Peter lowers his gun -- well, Walternate IS, technically, his father -- and sits in the chair opposite. They do not hug or shake hands, which, as it will turn out, would have been helpful. Peter asks why he left the key at the campsite, and Walternate says he knew Peter would have recognized and, after all, he couldn't just call Peter. Peter says he could have. "Not if we were to have the reunion we both so richly deserve," says Walternate.

At this point I'd like to mention the sweet Hudson's Bay wool blanket folded on the chair behind Walternate. Classic Canadiana. Anyway, after Walternate admits that letting Peter know Moreau worked for him was his way of getting Peter's attention -- among other things -- Peter says he should have known that since Walter was the only one brilliant enough to figure out how it worked that it stands to reason that Walternate were the only one brilliant enough to invent it. Or how about that Walternate has tried to destroy this universe before? Did that enter into the thinking? Peter calls them Yin and Yang, which Walternate calls interesting, and then goes into a diatribe about how one man broke the universe and the other man did nothing but have his son stolen, his life stolen, ruined. "I came over here at the end on a mission of mercy to ask for help for my side. The race was lost, a race I didn't initiate. But still, I came. And you destroyed us, Peter ... my son," he says, spitting out "my son" with bile. He continues in that vein but Peter interrupts Walternate to remind him that he activated the machine on his side. "You were going to use it to destroy this universe. I only acted in self-defence," he says.

Walternate ignores this not-insignificant point to ramble on about whether Peter ever wonders what it's like to wake up and just for a moment think that everything is as it used to be, but then realize that it's not? "Soon everyone here will experience loss the way that all those over there did. Air, water... light, even," says Walternate, who adds that Peter will experience loss the way he did.

Watching it again (I'm still mystified at the way "watching it back" has entered the lexicon) it's notable that Walternate stares straight ahead the whole time and never really seems to be looking directly at Peter. At the time I chalked it up to him being crazy, kinda like Michelle Bachmann. Anyway, Peter wants to know what he means by that; Walternate says, "You destroyed my universe, son, and I'm going to destroy yours. But not all at once."

From there we go to the Fringe team descending on the wormhole in Central Park. Ella tells Olivia that Peter's still not picking up his cellphone -- are you letting it ring more than once? -- and another agent tells her that they spotted a bus near the perimeter breach. Again, "breach" is a pretty strong word when you only see fit to restrict an area just by putting up a "Do Not Enter! We're Totally Serious!" sign. Looks like Ella's moved up pretty quickly for an agent who's barely old enough to drink legally too.

Olivia's in the middle of giving some instructions when there's a bright flash -- and next thing we see is everyone lying motionless on the ground like in that Radiohead video. You know the one -- the artsy, slightly pretentious Radiohead video for an amazing song? Yeah, that one. Anyway, Olivia's the first one to come to, and she looks up to see a vortex swirling in the air near Amber Mountain.

Back at Cat's in the Cradle Worst Case Scenario Cabin, Peter tells his biological dad that he came here alone to make a personal plea to him, to tell him that he's sorry for the suffering that he caused Walternate, and for destroying his people. He corrects himself: "Our people. I'm sorry for destroying our world," he says. He adds that he'd take back that choice if he could. But it's still no excuse for what Walternate's doing now, and it has to stop, he adds.

Then he holds up some handcuffs and says he doesn't want to have to use them. He puts them down on the table next to his gun. "But you're going to come with me now, father," he says. Jesus, I kind of want to punch Peter at this point. Walternate clearly feels the same way: "You know, Peter, if I was really there, I might not be able to resist killing you," he says, his voice suddenly louder and angrier. Peter looks briefly confused by the "if I was really there," and he gets up and grabs for his dad only to have his hand pass right through him. The Walternate hologram does the brief "bad television signal reception" fuzz out that I think likely wouldn't be an issue at a time when hologram projections are this lifelike, but never mind. Holowalternate snaps that he thinks this is the better way, so Peter can learn about loss: "Let's start by killing someone you love!" Very unsettling, like that old video game where the bad guy said, "Stay awhile! Stay... forEVER!" Peter's already on his way out the door as we see Holowalternate reach forward, corresponding with Actual Walternate in his vehicle reaching forward to turn off the projection device. How this isn

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