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Mind Over Splatter
rospect, it probably would have been a good idea to get the information before going to Nina and saying things like "I believe that your cooperation is an illusion," and "Once our witness talks, you lose all leverage in a plea." Because while she's lecturing Nina (who coolly tells her she's seeing things that are entirely in her mind's eye), we watch Morales summoning the call button on his hospital bed ... thingy, only a nurse doesn't show up, but John Scott, who's bathed in soft light. John strolls over, smiling, and stands next to the bed. And after Nina says, "I seriously doubt that your witness will be able to provide any actionable evidence to implicate Massive Dynamic or William Bell of any wrongdoing, we watch John pound the crap out of Morales in the hospital bed. Morales promises that he won't say anything as Hallucinojohn puts a knife to Morales' throat. And I guess Olivia closing that curtain over an extra six inches really worked, because the nurse walking through the room doesn't hear anything. She pulls back the curtain and screams, because she's just in time to see Morales' neck open itself up and start bleeding. She screams. And screams. And screams.

Olivia's walking down the street. And now to find out if the information we'll get will be able to justify my Tough Cop victory speech! "Our witness is dead," he says. Just once, I hope we get to see Olivia say, "Who IS this?" Broyles tells her that Morales was drugged with the same substance Mark Young was. He doesn't know how, because there were guards on the room, but the nurse saw the wound appear. "Nina Sharp," says Dunham, and tells Broyles that Nina got to him, and there'll be no evidence of it. Broyles sharply tells her that Nina and Massive Dynamic have been nothing but cooperative with the investigation: "I suggest you keep your unfounded accusations in check," he says, and hangs up. Probably because he didn't want to hear another self-righteous diatribe from Olivia Dunham, Super Agent.

Olivia shows up at the Bishops' hotel room -- nice job getting them into campus housing, Olivia -- and knocks on the door. Walter comes out, holding his Bible. She says she needs to go back in the tank, because there are too many questions: "Like who's working for whom? And why? Who should be arrested? Who's plotting what?" Walter's all stony-faced and tells her that it's dangerous, and she says she's prepared to take that risk. If I were still in college, Walter's next line would probably end up on my voice-mail greeting: "There is little that makes me happier than taking drugs." Well, maybe administering them, and carrying out experiments that are totally fucked-up wicked, or as Walter puts it, "that bend the plane of what we consider reality." He says that she'll damage herself: "Every time you go back in, the risk of permanent damage, seizures, aneurysms, memory loss, death..." She interrupts him to say if she doesn't go back in, others may die. "And if you do, the death could be your own," he tells her. He tells her that there can be no interaction with him. "He did see me," says Olivia. Walter says that isn't possible, which is a weird thing for someone who's seen and done all that he has seen and done to say. He says he'll try to develop a safer technique. "But not tonight. Perhaps for the season finale. Sweeps at the earliest," he says, and tells her to get some rest. "Sleep well," he says, which is awfully easy for Dr. Dead People Aren't in My Memories Bishop.

Meanwhile, in a neighbourhood that you know is bad because it's the middle of the night and people are just walking around, looking for hookers and crack, probably, some guy on a cellphone is saying, "Tell him to have the money, or I'll have to break his legs too." Half-expected him to finish with, "Love you too, ma." Michael walks up. "What the hell happened to you?" asks the loan shark. Michael says, "He's back in town. Peter Bishop." Buddy seems to find this interesting.

Over at Olivia's apartment, she's tossing in bed. Her computer starts up, and you can tell it's not just starting at the same preset time it does every day, because then we wouldn't be hearing the ominous music. She walks over, finds the e-mail program running, with a new e-mail from John Scott. It reads: "I SAW YOU. IN THE RESTAURANT." My god. Olivia looks terrified. I can hardly blame her. If she's going to keep getting these e-mails, John could at least keep the caps-lock off.

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