The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

Peter and Lincoln enter Olivia's apartment, Lincoln telling Peter that FBI agents and Boston police are combing the area and checking all the traffic cams. You know the exact same response that law enforcement launches when any ordinary citizen has been missing for an hour or two. Lincoln's convinced that Nina Sharp is behind Olivia's disappearance and they'll get her talking once she's processed at the FBI. Peter says, "I thought you said she's denying any involvement in this," -- like he's not familiar with the concept of people lying about the bad shit they've done -- and Lincoln says her alibi won't hold, and if she knows where Olivia is...

"Good luck getting Nina Sharp to break down and tell us," says Peter, and Lincoln adds, "You still haven't told me what you're hoping to find here," because this is one of those television excursions where the characters apparently didn't talk en route but waited until they arrived at their destination to fill each other in on pertinent details. But Peter now explains that if Walter's right about Olivia being dosed with Cortexiphan, it likely happened while she was alone and vulnerable. It's a better theory than the "in a crowd and on her guard" theory, that's for sure. Lincoln asks a couple of questions for the benefit of an explanation for the audience about the Cortexiphan making Olivia act strangely, and assuming the memories and personality of the Olivia from Peter's timeline, because Peter's projecting his Olivia onto her. "Is any of this relevant right now?" asks Peter. I'm sorry, did Peter just ask if the effects of the Cortexiphan dosing has any relevance to Olivia's disappearance which is why they're searching Olivia's apartment for EVIDENCE OF CORTEXIPHAN DOSING? And now Lee is giving Peter a lecture about how Olivia is his partner, so if this true, Peter needs to think about what he's doing to her. "Unintentionally or not, you are robbing her of her identity, her life. She is not your Olivia, Peter," says Lincoln. Hate to say it, but Seth Gabel really isn't selling this scene.

Anyway, Peter asks what if she is and Lincoln says, "You know that's impossible," and he would know that... how, exactly? Anyway, Lincoln keeps babbling on about how Peter "let" Olivia continue working the case -- because Peter is in charge of Olivia, I guess -- knowing that she was under his influence and that she wasn't herself. Lincoln says he'd like to think Peter's not ignoring her safety for personal reasons. And then, noticing that Peter is looking at the ceiling and not paying any attention to him, he adds, "...and that you're not ignoring me right now."

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