The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

Next to him, September, still unconscious, starts convulsing on the bed, his heart rate suddenly spiking. Walter orders Astrid to prep thirty milligrams of Propafenone, but an instant later, September simply blinks out of existence, and the table near his bed falls over. "Somebody want to tell me what the hell just happened?" says Lincoln, who is thisclose to freaking out.

When we get back from commercial, Astrid says she doesn't understand how the table just knocked itself over, and Lincoln, who still seems quite rattled himself, is all, "A dying man suddenly vanishes in front of our eyes, and the thing you're wondering is what happened to the table?" Hey, Lincoln, learn to handle your shit, OK? "Among other things," Astrid tells him.

Peter's explaining how September just abruptly stopped talking, said "They're coming," and then Peter was yanked out. Walter says he didn't do any yanking, so it must have been the "them" that are coming who did that. "He just kept on saying how I needed to get back to my timeline and my Olivia," says Peter. Lincoln says, "Your Olivia and our Olivia? I thought they were one and the same to you." Like seriously, who pissed in Agent Crankypants's cornflakes this morning? Still, Peter's looking reflective about it.

So they're right back where they started, with Nina being the only real lead. Broyles tells Lincoln that she's been on ice long enough, so maybe she's ready to deal now.

They leave, and Walter consoles Peter on his "valiant effort," adding that he's lucky to have made it out. He can't imagine what would have happened if the Observer had disappeared with Peter's consciousness still inside his brain. Less whining from Peter, probably.

Peter's moping about how September could've helped him find Olivia. Then he starts thinking about September telling him to go home, and he wonders if the Observer was being literal this time -- not home to his timeline, just home to his house? Astrid's all, "What do you think, that she's waiting for you at your house after she's been kidnapped?" Walter says it makes as much sense as anything else that's gone on here, and Astrid, in unison with everybody, says it doesn't make any sense, but of course that's Walter's point. Peter decides that he may as well go home to check it out. Maybe there's a clue there that can point him in Olivia's direction. And if not, he just got Party Down on DVD so now's as good a time as any for a mini-marathon.

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