The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

He arrives home, and doesn't even turn on any lights before he starts calling Olivia's name. He just goes wandering through a dark house for some reason. Then Leland Spivey turns on a desk lamp, and Peter demands to know where Olivia is. Leland doesn't say anything, and Peter walks towards him -- and then gets struck on the back of the head by one of the other goons, who Peter might have seen coming if he'd turned on the damn lights.

But no! And now he's being dragged, semi-conscious, along a dingy corridor. In her cell -- where the lightbox sits, still unlit -- Olivia can hear movement on the other side of the shuttered window. She bangs on it, and after a moment, it's lifted -- and she's alarmed to see a groggy Peter sitting in the other side. Nina's strapped to the electrical apparatus again. Peter comes to, and the two of them check to make sure the other's OK, and then Leland pulls Peter back and holds a knife to his throat as David Robert Jones comes slithering in, saying it's nice of Mr. Bishop to join them. He says Olivia must have by now figured out that her every word was being monitored -- Olivia glances at Nina, who can't maintain eye contact. Burn in hell, Evil Nina! -- and that she believes Peter will be able to evoke the emotional response they need. "I find your silence encouraging," says Jones. Peter urges Olivia not to do it, but Jones warns that if she doesn't, Leland is going to start slicing off pieces of her friend. So Olivia turns and looks at the lightbox, and everyone watches with interest.

A light blinks on. Then a couple more. Then a few more, and soon the entire box is lit up. Jones is pleased, but only a moment later he gets concerned as the overhead lights in the rooms start burning brighter and then burning out. "What are you doing, Olivia?" he asks. Hey, you poked the woman with the crazy mind powers! "I'm doing what you wanted. I'm turning on the lights," she says. Nina yells for Olivia to stop, and Olivia's all, "Nice try, Not-Nina!" and she explains that it was at her high school graduation that Nina said that now she was an adult and no longer allowed to called her "Ms. Sharp." That was the first time I called you 'Nina,'" says Olivia. Since the jig is up and everything's going to hell around them, Jones orders his men to get Nina off the apparatus, which they do, and they start to head out. Peter's chair is knocked over -- like the table! -- and Leland gets fried by some stray electricity as light bulbs burst. Olivia slumps to the floor, and the lights on the lightbox blink out.

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