The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

After we come back from commercial, though, Olivia is up and at 'em already, somehow getting out of the cell that she was presumably locked in? Huh? Anyway, she steps past a completely charred Leland Spivey -- dead again! -- and frees Peter, who asks how she knew how to concentrate her power. Olivia confesses that she didn't know how; she just knows that when she was a little girl, she did something similar, and thought that if they brought Peter to her, she could do it again.

Peter staggers to his feet, and they head out the door. Elsewhere, Jones and Nina are packing stuff up, getting ready to make their getaway, and Jones tells the other goon to "be a good fellow" and keep them occupied. Occupied with extreme prejudice! Peter and Olivia are making their way down a hall when suddenly Olivia starts having a seizure, and she collapses to the floor. This is when Goodfellow shows up, pointing his gun on them, ordering them to their feet. Peter points out that Olivia is having a seizure and Goodfellow is somewhat less than sympathetic, so Peter with some quick ninja moves relieves him of his gun, and the two of them start to struggle. Olivia comes to well enough to point her gun at them from the floor, but Peter's got things under control and knocks Goodfellow out.

Meanwhile, Jones is tippity-tapping away on his computer and opens up a portal to the other universe. "Ladies first," he says to Nina. Those British! So gallant! Nina's already on her way through when Peter and Olivia come roaring around the corner, Olivia with her gun drawn and ordering Jones not to move. He smiles and says it was quite a display she put on back there: "Your love for this man must be something quite profound," he says. Peter's like, "Yeah, but we've still got 'It's Complicated' checked on our Facebook relationship statuses." Jones turns to head through the portal, and Olivia shoots him. Through the throat, it looks like! Good god! But he doesn't even fall down. "It would seem there are some fringe benefits to having one's body reassemble at an atomic level," he rasps, and then he steps through the portal, which closes behind. Olivia's all, Peter, holy shit! And then she starts to collapse again, but this time Peter catches her.

They make their way outside the hospital, with Peter on the phone getting him to send EMTs to Plainfield Memorial, and making sure that they have Diazepam for Olivia. Olivia says she's feeling better, and is chalking up her seizures to all the energy she expended doing a number on her nervous system, and I fail to see how "expending so much energy on my telekinesis shut down my nervous system, causing me to have seizures" means she doesn't need EMTs.

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