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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

But by this point, Peter is a little more on board Walter's theory that it has to do with her proximity to him. "Walter isn't always right," she says, somewhat warily. But Peter says back at the gas station, right before she was abducted SOMEHOW, like maybe teleportation, Peter says he was ready to think that going home with her was OK, but it's not. "It was a mistake -- one that I promised myself I'd never make again," he says. Olivia tells him that it's not the same as what happened before, but Peter's resolute; he says he saw her, his Olivia, the one that he's supposed to be with -- the only one he's supposed to be with. He's got a point; how many Olivias does any man really need? He's already had two, which is two more than most guys get.

Olivia, speaking in the anxious tones of someone trying not to get her boyfriend to break up with her, says she doesn't understand what's happening to her any more than he does, but if he looks at her, if he looks into her eyes, he can see that she's her. You know, HER. Olivia-Prime. Famous Ray's Original Olivia. One Olivia to rule them all, one -- OK, you get it.

But Peter's not buying it; she may have his Olivia's memories, but it's a projection, or something -- he's not sure. But when he did look into her eyes, he saw what he wanted to see, he says. "I know she's out there; my Olivia, in my timeline, waiting for me." He says he's sorry, and he's sure Walter can "fix you up somehow" -- nice for him to talk about Olivia like she's an old junker that needs an engine overhaul -- but for now he thinks it's better if he just stays away.

The sirens get louder and we can see the flashing lights as Olivia desperately tells Peter she's in love with him and she can't turn it off, and she doesn't want to lose him. It's starting to rain now and he's walking away from her. "Where are you going?" she says. "Home. I have to go home," he says. I suppose Olivia could have pulled her gun on him to get him to stay, but by this point the cops have arrived, so they probably would have taken a dim view of that.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. He thinks Peter really should be collecting as many Olivias from as many universes and timelines as he can. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel[at]

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