The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

Peter says, "I'm not ignoring you," neglecting to add, "I'm just looking for signs of what happened to Olivia instead of sermonizing about something you know nothing about." But that's implied. Peter pulls a chair over so he can hop up and pull down the smoke detector or doorbell chime or whatever. Inside is a little camera. "Wireless closed circuit. It could have transmitted anywhere," says Lincoln. Peter pulls the backup memory disk because he of course has seen cameras like this before and they continually capture and store images on a disk like this in a sixty-minute loop. Lee points out that Olivia hasn't been here all day so there's probably not anything useful on it, but he'll have the FBI techs take a look. Peter says they won't find anything, but maybe he and Walter will, so he just takes the, you know EVIDENCE, and Lincoln doesn't do anything about it. Peter tells him to keep working on Nina because if the disk doesn't yield anything, Lincoln's going to have to do the impossible and get Nina Sharp talking. I guess Peter is the boss of everybody now?

The Nina Sharp down in the basement is singing like a nightingale, talking about how they came for her in the middle of the night and before they put the bag over her head, she saw another Nina step out of the shadows behind them. "She looked exactly like me," she says. Olivia asks if it was her she saw in her office a few weeks ago, or who came to her apartment when she was sick. Nina says she wishes she could say it was. And she's been really worried about her: "You know, all the time they've held me here, he still hasn't told me what he's after," she says. And in case there's any lingering question about who we're talking about, David Robert Jones strolls in, all "I've waited so very long to meet you." Olivia says they've already met, and Jones doesn't remember but he's an evil British villain so he says it all classy, "You have me at a bit of a disadvantage." Olivia says she watched him die, and she's looking forward to seeing him do that again. Jones's lackey says maybe confusion is a "side effect," and Jones is all, "What's up with these Fringe assholes talking about how they've seen me die? I'm not dead!"

Olivia's a little concerned about the sidekick's use of the term "side effect," and Jones says he imagines that she she's been feeling the effects for some time now -- like her migraines. Olivia angrily asks what he did to her. "Nothing that wasn't already done to you a long time ago," he says. While his No. 2 prepares some kind of handheld drill, Jones explains that Dr. Bishop's notes from the Cortexiphan trial were quite clear: "The subjects' abilities were triggered by sparks of intense emotion, hmm?" He's got the drill, and he's standing by Olivia, and Nina yells at him to leave her alone. "Always the protective mother hen," says Jones, and he strolls over to Nina. His sidekick uses a knife to pull back the fake skin on her robot arm, and Jones starts lowering the drill, over Nina's and Olivia's protests. It grinds away at Nina's arm -- wouldn't it actually be less painful on her real, non-robot arm? Anyway, Olivia's all, "Dammit, Jones, stop!" He does. "Yes, I believe this will work nicely," he says. He always sounds like he's hissing.

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