The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

In Boston, near some outdoor skating rink -- I don't know Vancouver well enough to know if this was actually shot there; it seems like some sort of landmark that may actually be in Boston -- we get a little Observer conference. Four of them. Standing there all hairless in suits and not conspicuous at all. What's on the agenda for the conference? What a screw-up September is, obviously. Followed by a nutrition break and then trust falls! December wants to know if September has been located. July says he hasn't, and asks if they know why he failed to erase the lingering traces of Peter Bishop from this timeline. December says that's a question only September can answer, as well as if he's the reason why Peter Bishop is back in the first place. "September has continually intervened on behalf of this boy, despite all warnings. He has been given every chance," says December. Sounds like September's not going to be getting a good performance review this year. In a surprise move, the Observers don't take the action route, but will instead wait for September to resurface, at which time he'll have to face the consequences. First on the list: turning over his company fedora, I imagine. The meeting is adjourned and it's too bad, because I was kinda hoping to see the Observers skating around the ice rink, blank looks on their faces, carrying their briefcases.

Nina's pacing around an interrogation room when Broyles comes in, and Nina anxiously asks if they've found Olivia yet. He growls at her to sit down. "Do you have any idea if she's all right?" asks Nina. It comes off a bit phony, a little "see how I'm so innocent that it doesn't occur to me that you think I'm guilty so I'm way more concerned about Olivia?" Broyles asks if she has any idea if Olivia's all right. Nina's hurt by the question, and points out she raised Olivia as if she were her own daughter.

Broyles tells her again to sit down. Slowly, she does, and then pleadingly asks Broyles if he honestly thinks she's been dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan or if she could have had anything to do with her disappearance. Broyles says he wants to believe her, so if she cares about Olivia, she'll co-operate. "The more you tell me, the sooner I can find her, and the better it'll be for you," he says, which starts to make Nina a little angry. She snaps that she has told them everything she knows and she should be coordinating Massive Dynamic resources in the search, not sitting in a cell. That's when Lincoln walks in, carrying a file that he gives to Broyles. He has a look at it, and asks when the last time was that she was in Massive Dynamic's deep-containment facility. She says it was yesterday afternoon with Agent Lee, but other than that hasn't been there for years.

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