The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

Over in Davy Jones's Dungeon, Jones and his sidekick come in, with the sidekick cutting Nina out of her restraints and taking her out of the room, ignoring her demands to know where she's being taken. Olivia wants Jones to release Nina since he's got her, but Jones says, "Every horse needs a carrot, every mouse a piece of cheese." He's got a little red box with him, and he sets it down in front of her and continues to lecture her on how all creatures need an incentive to perform tasks.

He lifts open a shutter on a window behind her, and then turns her chair around so she's got a better view of Nina being strapped to some sort electric rack -- like in Rambo: First Blood Part II. "I'm going to take you through a series of tests. This first one may take some time," he says, pulling a smaller, wooden box out of the red one and flips it open. There's an array of lights inside, which we saw for the first time way back in the first season. "You want me to turn the lights off with my mind," she says and, to his slight surprise she starts telling him that they did something like this before (that was also the fourteenth episode of its season, by the way); he was trying to activate her ability to cross between universes. What she doesn't understand this time around is, since he's perfectly capable of doing that himself, what is this about? "Whatever you know, Miss Dunham, whatever you think you know of your abilities, I assure you, your potential is... far greater." Meanwhile, on the other side of the window, Nina is yelling for her not to do what he says, at least until she gets a rag stuffed in her mouth. And here Jones wants her to turn the lights on, not off, which he says shouldn't be a problem for her if she's done this kind of thing before. Olivia stares at him for a moment, and then starts staring at the lightbox. After a few seconds though, nothing happens. "Perhaps this will help you get started," says Jones, and signals to his assistant, who sends some electricity coursing through Nina, who writhes in pain. On the plus side, her robot arm is probably charged back up again.

Olivia calls him a son of a bitch, and as the torture stops and Nina goes limp, Jones tells Olivia not to waste all the emotion on him. "Turn on the light," he says. She says she can't, which earns Nina another jolt. "You know what you have to do. Just one light, and we won't have to hurt her anymore," he says.

So Olivia gets back to staring at the box, and tries for much longer this time, but with the same results. "I can't," she says, but as Jones turns to look at his assistant again, Olivia tells him that she just can't right now; she's tired and needs rest. Jones considers this for a while, then half-smiles and lowers the shutter, telling her that she'll have her rest, and then they'll try again in an hour. An hour? That's not really going to be enough for a nice deep REM sleep, but... well, I guess that's why you're the evil mastermind.

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