The End of All Things

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Olivia Really Lights Up The Room

Back at the lab, the attempt to pull some erased image off the memory disk is interrupted -- much to Peter's chagrin -- by Astrid's and Walter's overwhelming urges to take pee breaks. Maybe Peter's just worried because last night when Olivia said she needed to whiz she wound up disappearing?

He's also frustrated and about ready to give up anyway, until he gets the idea to "decrease the chrome and the saturation" and then like magic this perfect picture of some dude's face appears full-frame on the screen. Like, why not just have Peter wave a magic wand over the thing and be done with it? Then Astrid asks for a screen-capture of the image so she can do some FBI and Interpol facial-recognition alchemy or whatever. Walter grumbles that clearly he works for "that harridan Nina," and Peter says it's who Nina's working for that worries him. He's been racking his brain trying to figure out why Nina would be dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan. Then it occurs to him that the only person who's ever done anything like that, at least in his timeline, was David Robert Jones. Oh, and HIS DAD, but he doesn't bring that up. "Maybe he's trying to do the same thing again," he says. Walter wonders why Jones would be trying to activate Olivia, and Peter says they were never able to figure it out the first time, but maybe it's for the same reason now.

And suddenly, there's September, shirt bloodied. He's still bleeding to death from his gunshot wound! "Yes. His goal is the same," he says, before collapsing. Peter grabs him, less to help him than to find out what he knows about Jones, or Olivia. "She needs you," says September.

By the time we get back from commercial, the Observer is unconscious, and the gang hoist him up on a table and hurriedly examine him. He's been shot, but there's no exit wound, so the bullet's still in him. Walter says his pulse is weak, and there's no breath sound coming from the left side, so his lung must have collapsed. Then it occurs to Walter that he doesn't even know if this man has lungs, or if the man's physiology is similar to humans at all. You know, I'm no scientist, but externally, he LOOKS HUMAN, albeit creepier than many, but the presence of a nose and mouth suggests at least some similarity to humans. Peter says Walter -- in Peter's timeline -- said the physiology is similar to humans, and since Walter's a big fan of his own work, that's good enough for him.

So Walter gets to work, giving instructions to Astrid and Peter. Peter's got something else on his mind, though: the fact that Observers only show up at significant events. You know, if that were true, I'm sure I would have seen one at my thirtieth birthdayganza, but I didn't, so explain that. Peter figures -- because he is such a genius -- that when the Observer said, "She needs you," he was talking about Olivia. His phone rings, and it's Lincoln calling to say he got the image they sent him and he's running it through facial recognition, but he's never done this with an image this weak before, so it could take some time. Peter asks what the chances are that Nina starts talking, and considering she's in the interrogation room with her lawyer right now, it doesn't look good.

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